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NCR Days Finale Episode 5 Release Date And Preview: Where To Watch It Online?


Hello, all the entertainment lovers, so, one of the latest shows NCR Days is generating buzz nowadays. The first season of the show premiered on 19th July 2022 and set the new benchmark of entertainment. As we all know that most college-based web shows achieved success and NCR Days repeated the history of all those series. The makers released a total of 4 episodes and now all the fans of the show are eagerly waiting for the final episode of the show. The episode is going to conclude the first season of the web series. Get more information on NCR Days episode 5 release date.

NCR Days Finale Episode 5 Release Date And Preview Where To Watch It Online

According to the latest reports, this is the first season of the show premiered on the 19th of July and the makers released all previous episodes in a gap of a week. All the viewers recently watched the fourth episode of NCR days wherein Monu competed and amazed all the college students at the freshers’ party and he along with all of his buddies went to the party in a restaurant. As and when they reached the bar they found Naveen sitting along with his friends.

NCR Days Final Episode 5 Release Date

They joined Naveen even after he tried to refuse them, Monu is drunk and started making fun of Naveen’s friend Kapil and he got offended. Kapil took Monu outside along with him. Naveen warned him and told him that Monu is also his friend but as we all know that Kapil is extremely arrogant he took Monu with him and thrashed him brutally. Monu returns with Kapil and Kapil took no while to understand that something happened with Monu. He asked all of them to return to college but Monu disclosed that Kapil beat him. Naveen started shouting at Kapil and he smashed a beer bottle on Naveen’s head.

Naveen tells Kapil that he could avenge of this but he is going to spare him and this is the end of their friendship. Kapil also warns him to handle the things going to happen to him. At the end of the show, we watched that Naveen is getting a call from his elder brother who is working for Kapil’s father. The 5th episode of the show will release on the 19th of August 2022, Friday and will reveal the complete story. So, any interested readers who want to watch the episode enjoy it on YouTube. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.


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