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Neeraj Tanwar Pepsu Passes Away What Is The Death Reason Is It Suicide Or Murder? Check Funeral Video


Yesterday, on 15th March 2020, the famous social media personality committed suicide and died. He was a bodybuilder, an inspiration to the youth. As per the sources, Neeraj has intake a poisonous substance willingly and died that very moment. Social Media is flooded with this news from the moment, the incident has come to the light.

Neeraj was a fitness freak personality and known for his fitness videos. In just a small timespan, the guy got very famous. He used to upload all about the workout. The popular personality is no more between us. It’s quite difficult to believe the man who was so active socially till yesterday is no more.

Neeraj Tanwar Pepsu




Neeraj Tanwar was a Gujjar by caste. His suicidal attempt has left the entire Gujjar community to the shock. Nobody is ready to digest this shocking news as of now. The man who was referred to as the “Sher of Gujjar” is no more. Everybody is curious to know what it was that has led Neeraj to commit suicide.

Although the reason hasn’t been revealed yet behind this suicide. All his family, friends, relative, his fans are still in trauma and are not able to believe this news. This incident has literally traumatized many. People are still trying to find out the reason behind this act.

Neeraj Tanwar was from Fatehpur, Delhi. Since he belongs to that place, the man often called Neeraj Tanwar PEPSU. What’s PEPSU? Well! PEPSU was a state connecting eight royal states of the nation between 1948 and 1956. Neeraj had a total of 31,500 followers on his Instagram Profile. Also, he has released his new song recently and he posted about that on the Instagram profile as well. This was the last post of this popular personality. When everything was so good, what was there that Neeraj has committed suicide? Stay tuned with us for more details of this incident!


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