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Neeya Naana Watch Today Episode 1st August 2021: Advantages or Disadvantages of Online Class


Your favorite talk show in the Tamil Language is heading towards a fresh episode today where we will watch a debate on a very interesting and no doubt important topic which is nowadays griping every student’s life. Yes, today you will watch a debate on the advantages and disadvantages of online classes. The two teams will divide into Teachers and Students and they will talk about this very captivating topic. Stick around to read the complete episode update and some other interesting facts of the show.

Neeya Naana

There is an amazing thing about the show and that is, the show has completed its 200 super astonishing episodes and has spread awareness among society. As you all know that currently we are watching the 23rd season of Neeya Nana and the season is hit as always and getting much love from the audience. As you all know that the show is managing its fanbase and the makers of the show are trying their best by bringing new topics so that audience can’t get bored of watching it. From infertile couple to is biryani overrated every single topic was mind-blowing and therefore not only makers but the contestants are also doing so best by arguing on this and to make a point as per their perspective.

The show is one of the best reality shows on television and there is no doubt in accepting this because its ongoing numbers of episodes and seasons are the only proof of this. Neeya Naana targets those topics which usually people get nervous talking about but the show is making people confident and spreading awareness among the people so at least they will get some confidence showing their own points on the topic and this is attracting people to the screens.

Well, talking about today’s episode so today’s topic of debate is one of the most awaited topics of our society nowadays because in the 201st episode we will watch some great experiences of teachers and their students and as we all are going through a pandemic that has paused everything and study is the thing that has been affecting by it. In the midst of lockdown, schools had decided to interact with students through online class and what are the good and bad impacts of this online way to take classes, we will get to know by the teachers and students. So don’t forget the amazing episode of Neeya Naana.


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