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Netflix Gone For Good Finale Review Ending Explained Who Killed Sonia, Judith & Fred?


Netflix never fails to entertain the audience with entertaining web series. Surely, it has become one of the best streaming platforms to provide viewers with good series with great stories. One such mini-series titled “Gone For Good” just released its finale episode and has become the talk of the town. The five-episode long series has hooked the viewers to the edge of their seats and after dropping four thrilling episodes, the fans were eagerly waiting for the last episode to be released. Now, after a long wait, the said episode has gotten premiered. You can check the ending explained in this article.

Gone For Good Ending

The thriller mystery is entirely based on the popular novel of the American author Harlen Coban who only writes crime stories. The first episode of the new Netflix was dropped on August 13 and due to the unique storyline, it caught the attention of the fans. So far, it has only received good and positive responses and given the time duration that is 45 minutes, the viewers were able to binge-watch the crime thriller.

The story begins with a sensational murder and after exciting the fans to watch what happens next, it takes a ten-year leap. However, the makers have made sure that the viewers get to witness all the answers so the story keeps jumping from the past to the present time that makes the story connected. The main protagonist of the said series is Guillaume Lucchesi. The character has been portrayed by 30-years-old actor Finnegan Oldfield who had given plenty of good films including We Need Your Vote, Les Cowboys, and Bang Bang.

The actor manages to attract the audience through his exceptional performance. Besides, Garance Marillier was also the main character of the intense story. In the last episode of Netflix Mini-Series Gone For Good, Guillaume who is a social worker manages to discover all the mysterious and hidden secrets of his dysfunctional family. Though, he is still wounded by the death of his former girlfriend Sonia along with his elder brother Fred that took place decades ago.

The twist appears when Guillaume’s current girlfriend Judith which is essayed by Nailia Harzoune suddenly disappeared. After a lot of searching, Guillaume comes to know that Judith is involved in the murder cases and that she is hiding her true self. The viewers will get to witness some jaw-dropping secrets getting revealed.  Stay tuned to our site to get more information on the series.


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