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Netflix Movie Enola Holmes Trailer Review, Release Date, Star Cast & Story Line


Have you also been exploring the mystery and suspense movies throughout the lockdown period? Then we might have something very exciting to inform you. The famous detective Sherlock Holmes is returning with another interesting story. But this time Sherlocks’s younger sister whose existence was not even appreciated in earlier series has arrived to entertain the viewers. Yes, the web series ‘Enola Holmes’ is all set to release on the Netflix streaming platform while the official trailer has already been creating a buzz among the spying thrillers admirers. It would definitely be a female-centric series.

Enola Holmes Trailer Review Release Date

The trailer was officially released on 25th August on Youtube where the trailer has been viewed around seven million times and even has obtained three lakhs likes. Been released in August, it’s still gaining plenty of views per day. The series is solely based on Nancy Springer’s book with having the same title. As the title suggests the movie focuses majorly on Sherlock Holmes’ sister who has portrayed as a very wild and fierce teenage girl who doesn’t only think of changing the world but implements on her thought process as well.

Enola Holmes Star Cast:
The highly anticipated picture features some very talented actors, in which on topmost of the name comes of Milley Bobby Brown who got famous for her role in Stranger Things and was even speculated to return with the fourth installment of the said show but she returned with the ‘undercover agent’ based series. Apart from her, the Justice League, and Man of Steel fame, Henry Cavill plays the role of Sherlock Holmes. The other brother, Mycroft is portrayed by Sam Claflin who is well known for his roles in The Hunger Games, and Rosie.

Enola Holmes Storyline:
Speaking of the plot that has been disclosed by the trailer, Enola Holmes after introducing herself and her adorable relationship with her mother wakes up one day to find her missing. The quest to search her mother begins where she meets her two elder brothers in the journey who thinks of her a very weird and intelligent at the same time as her mother used to be. While searching for her mother, Enola contains the power to converse with the audience from time to time.

Enola Holmes Release Date:
Earlier the release of the trailer, Netflix shared a small teaser on Twitter a week before that was on 17th August where they even shared a puzzled caption that reads, “alone loshme reeebtpms wnettyrhitd” which when solved concluded, “Enola Holmes September Twenty Third”. So the web series would be released on the 23rd of September this year on Netflix where it could be streamed online. Fans who appreciated the trailer are eagerly waiting for the series to release.



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