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Netrikann Review Starring Nayanthara & Ajmal Ameer Audience Response Hit Or Flop


Nayanthara’s latest movie Netrikann has hit its OTT screens this 13th of August and the movie got a quite better response from the audience. However, on the first day of the premier, the show is getting love from the audience because when the makers of the show announced the premiere date, on that time Nayanthara and Ajmal Ameer’s fans went excited to watch so no doubt on the first day their fans have grabbed the show but there is something more you should know about or you must be keen to know about.


Netrikann which means “The Third Eye” has been released on its OTT platform Disney+Hotstar, talking about the show so it is an Indian Crime Thriller film which is an adoption of a South Korean movie named Blind. Talking about the show so in this, you will watch a concept of the dark desire of a man who kidnaps girls and complete his desires and fantasy however he thought to do until he gets satisfaction. The show is becoming a hot potato due to its storyline because as per the audience’s response to the trailer saying this won’t be bad that the show is being loved by the audience amazingly.

Netrikann Star Cast

  • Nayanthara as Durga
  • Ajmal Ameer
  • Manikandan R. Achari
  • Sharan Shakti

In the movie, you will watch a mixed element of a crowded busy city, missing women, a sexual predator, murders, and also a police investigation. However, the movie gives a social message on what we often see around us around our society such as news and controversies. Despite having a common crime story the director Milind Rau has managed to hold the audience’s interest somehow which will force you to keep your eyes locked to the screen till the end.

The story revolves around a girl named Durga who is visually challenged but it is not what she got from childhood. Well, the show begins where Durga is being introduced as a CBI officer but that scene does not remain for a long time because just after a moment she collides with an accident where she loses her vision and her brother also got killed in the accident. How does she get back to the mission and that too having no vision in her eyes story starts along with a police investigation to search missing girls. However, the show seems to be quite good but talking about ratings so it got 3/5. Don’t forget to watch it share with us how fine the show is.


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