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New Jersey Man Fall From 9 Story Onto BMW Survives Check Full Video


Hello, all the people, so, as we all know that life is all about uncertainty, here everything is possible and no one has ever got a satisfying answer to numerous things. Miracles usually happen around us, sometimes a small hit takes the life of a person whereas a person even gets saved even after falling from a huge building. The same has happened in New Jersey when a person survived after fallingĀ  from a 10 storey building. All people who witnessed the incident are completely stunned and couldn’t believe their eyes when the man fell from a building and landed on a car and asks for help.

New Jersey Man Fall From 9 Story

Well, according to the latest reports, the spine chilling incident took place at New Jersey high rise at around 10 in the morning. People witnessed that a man fell from a 10 storey building and directly landed on a BMW parked outside the building, stated by one of the eyewitnesses, first she thought that wasn’t some kind of stuff fell from the building, she never thought it was a person who fell on the car at first. She said that she heard a big bang and everyone noticed in the same direction.

She informed that somehow, the man stand up after the fall and asked “what happened?” The windows of the car just exploded, the man jumped and starts yelling for help. She said that she was shocked watching the entire incident. She said that she has seen such things in the movie. The lady named Christina Smith described all these, she called 911 when the unknown man requesting for help. On behalf of the statement, his face and arm got injured in the accident and he was sent to the hospital. However, the current condition of the person is vague so far.

On behalf of the reports, the entire incident published, that the man has shifted to the hospital. The authorities have been filed an investigation regarding the entire incident. The police have seized the nearby area including the Journal Square PATH Station and Hudson County Community College and proceed with the investigation. The Police are trying to figure out whether the man jumped or was pushed by someone. It is also considered if the entire incident was an accident. Well, it will all be clear very soon as the person is alive. So far the video is circulating all over the Internet. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest worldwide updates.


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