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Newlywed Marine Rylee McCollum Expecting Baby Killed Among 13 US Troops In Kabul Airport Blast


Another tragedy happened due to the Taliban and Afghanistan dispute, soo as we all know that Taliban has been impounded the entire Afganisthan except a few regions. Well, some of the countries are favouring the Taliban while some are still quite on the entire issue. The same is with the citizens of the country, but along with the citizen-soldiers of various countries are also facing the consequences of this conflict. Recently terrible news has wrench my heart when a newly married US-based Marine who is about to become a father was killed in Kabul.

Newlywed Marine Rylee McCollum Expecting Baby Killed Among 13 US Troops In Kabul Airport Blast

The 13 U.S. service member marine Rylee McCollum tied in the knot in February of the ongoing year on the occasion of Valentine’s day. He just got married and after a couple of months of his marriage, he was slated to schedule for his first deployment. The blushing husband is even expecting a child without knowing that destiny has some different and dreadful plans for them. besides, a couple of weeks ago Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum 20 years deployed to the conflicted country informed by her sister Roice McCollum.

Later around 3 AM, some knock-on McCollum residence. McCollum’s father responds and in response, he got “his son, the two Marines at his door told him, was among 13 U.S. Service members killed in an attack took place at Kabul’s airport.” They further informed that he was deployed for securing the perimeter at the Abbey Gate of the following Airport when a human bomb explodes and claimed a total of 170 and McCollum is one of them. It is being said that the death toll can be raised. The entire family including McCollum’s wife Jiennah sinking in sorrow, but along with that, they are also proud of his son that he sacrifice his life while serving the country.

Besides, Rylee McCollum in the group of some recent U.S. troops martyred in a war which is as long as he was alive. In addition to this, Rylee McCollum is extremely dedicated to his nation. He had wanted to join special forces since his childhood. According to McCollum’s family, he was 2 years young when 9/11 took and ever since he only wants to serve the nation. He joined the army when he was 18 and just after 2 years of his service he martyred for the country. We hope for strength for his family and blessing for his unborn child. May the pure soul rest in peace. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for further worldwide updates.


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