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Nikki Yadav Murder Accused Sahil Gehlot’s Father Among 5 Arrested


There is some news and information coming forward related to the death of Nikki Yadav who died at the age of 24 years old. Her death news gathered a lot of attention and still running on the top of the internet where so many users of social media expressed their responses and reactions to her death incident. There is CCTV footage is also available on the internet that shows her performing menial tasks, sometimes before her death incident. In this article, we shared the whole information related to her death cause and some more details related to this incident, so read this article continuously.

Nikki Yadav Murder

As per the exclusive news and information, Her death incident took place on 9 February 2023 when her boyfriend Sahil Goet is going to engage. She called him to meet and express her sadness at his decision to get married. Now the Crime Branch of New Delhi shared that they arrested five persons in the link to her murder case in which Sahil Gehlot, his father, and other five persons were arrested for her murder. They all were in custody and the investigation is ongoing where not much information has been shared or announced publicly.

This shocking incident took place on Wednesday at the time of his engagement she was allegedly strangled by her boyfriend with a charging cable and she was murdered by her partner. His father Virender Singh is arrested for helping him in the conspiracy and the others were arrested for killing her while the other four were accused of his arrest. They both Sahil and Nikki in a relationship since 2020 and they both also get married to each other in a temple in Noida in October 2020. They are in custody and the investigation is continuing.

In the investigation, Police recovered a marriage certificate of them and after killing her, his friends or cousin helped him to hide her body in the fridge. After killing her, her boyfriend deleted the whole of himself from the phone and later everything is clear in his remand. It is clear that she was murdered by her partner and her partner, her partner’s father, and other five people were arrested in her murder case. The whole information about her is mentioned above in this article and we will update our article after receiving any news and information related to her. Stay tuned with socialtelecast.com to get more articles on the latest news of the entire world.


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