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Nima Denzongpa 14th September 2021 Today Written Update: Tulika Sees Nima In Everyone


The latest episode of Nima Denzongpa begins with, Suresh is keep thinking about Nima after he saw her at the back of the street. Tulika and Sunita who are already worried because of Nima, come to live in the same society. Suresh comes home and Tulika asks her if he watched something new in the society, but Suresh denies it, however, he is continuously wondering about Nima. The next morning, on the pretext of bringing water, Suresh goes to find Nima and eventually he finds her. He thinks that Nima won’t tell him her address, so he stalks her and get happy after he came to know that Nima is living near his house.

Nima Denzongpa 14th September 2021 Today Written Update Tulika Sees Nima In Everyone

Nima there is working at Suman’s house and give almonds to Suman’s children.  Baaky provokes Maaji and she again created nuisance over trifles for giving almonds to her Babita also. Maaji says there is no need to give almonds to Babita as she is the daughter of this house and doesn’t need these nutritious things as she has to handle someone else household. She then asks Nima to leave the job, she was about to leave and suggests her don’t ever try to change anything in this house just let it be as it is and asks her to continue her job.

Tulika is getting embellished and in between Sunita comes to her and asks what is she doing, are you scared because Nima and Suresh will return to her. While they are talking powercuts and everyone come outside. Sunita and Tulika noticed that Nima is smiling with her daughters outside her house. Tulika gets jealous and tells Sunita that is going to scare Nima. At the same time, Suresh goes to Nima house and hold her hand and tells her that he was looking for her all around. He says there wasn’t a day I spent without thinking of you.

Just then light comes and Suresh is frightened seeing that he is holding Tulika’s hand and talking with Tulika. Tulika gets furious and comes to her house and started packing her stuff. Suresh apologises to her, but she says that she is leaving this house once and for all. Suresh promises her that he won’t ever go again to Nima. Sunita suggests hanging out with Tulika she will feel better. Suresh gets agreed. Tune in to Colors Tv at 9 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast for further Nima Denzongpa Written Updates.


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