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Nima Denzongpa 17th September 2021 Episode Written Update : Nima Confronts Tulika and Sunita


In the latest episode of Nima Denzongpa, a high voltage drama is going as Tulika and Sunita and paired up to down Nima. Well, the episode starts with Suresh standing in the rain and pleading with Nima to take him in and forgive him as he wants to spend some time along with their daughter. Nima avoids him, but she then noticed that Suresh is shivering in the rain, she goes to Suresh and takes him in. Suresh is playing with her daughters, Sia asks Suresh to play Ludo with them. Suresh gets agreed.

Nima Denzongpa 17th sep

He asks his daughter to bring Ludo board as and when they leave Suresh holds Nima’s hand. Nima pulls her hand back and tells Suresh that she only took him in just because of their daughters, it couldn’t be like it used to be between us. Nima further says that she can’t bear the tantrums of Sunita and Tulika anymore. She is doing good with her daughters, so you better focus on your life. Suresh replies that he needs some time to figure it out, Lord Ganesha is with us and he will sort the things outs and it will end happily.

Tulika return from the hospital and they plan something evil for Nima. Tulika says she will pretend to set her on fire along with Varun and will provoke the rest of the people to throw Nima out from the colony. Sunita appreciates Tulika’s cleverness and says that taking hostility from you would be quite dangerous. Tulika says wait watch what can I do. Sunita goes to Nima’s doorframe and starts knocking on the door. Suresh opens that door and starts her drama, she tells Suresh that Tulika is going to ablaze her with Varun. Nima and Suresh are aghast hearing this.

Suresh and Nima rushed to Tulika and tries to understand her, but Tulika is continued with her drama and bad-mouthing Nima. Tulika says that she trapped her husband again and tried to spoil her character. Meanwhile, Sunita gesture to Tulika to end the drama, she snatches a fire stick from her and sends Suresh inside the house. Tulika then started provoking the people of the colony to throw her out of this colony.

People are coming for Nima, but Nima courageously takes a stand for herself and says that she is doing a respectable job and for the livelihood of their daughter and no one throws them out of their house. She lashes out at Tulika and makes her shut with her befitting reply. Tune in to Colors Tv at 9 PM today and watch the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast for further Nima Denzongpa Written update.


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