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Nima Denzongpa 21st September 2021 Episode Written Update: Suresh Asks Nima For Divorce


The all-new episode of one of the most engrossing daily soap Nima Denzongpa begins with Maaji saw that Suman fires Nima from the job and Nima refused to take her full salary. Nima leaves and returns to her home, she is immensely tensed and thinking about what will happen now, how will she manage her daughter and expenses. In between all this Sarla received a call from Maaji and asks about Meena, Sarla was about to disconnect the call when Baaky corrected Maaji. Maaji then says the correct name and asks Sarla to inform Nima to resume her job from tomorrow. Sarla gets elated and informs the same Nima.

Nima Denzongpa

Nima gets extremely happy after hearing this suave news. Sarla says that Lord Ganesha resolve your problem. Meantime, Sarla again received a call and gives it to Nima. Nima finds Suresh on the other side who asks Nima to meet her in the same park they used to meet in earlier. Suresh and Nima sitting in the park and Suresh tell Nima that from now on he is going to live with her only. He will fulfil all the responsibilities of her daughters and you and will correct all his mistakes. Now, he doesn’t fear anyone, but it all ended with the imagination of Nima.

As Nima comes out of her imagination noticed Suresh comes in real. Suresh was looking highly disappointed. Nima asks why did you call me and Suresh tells just opposite what he said in Nima’s imagination. Suresh says that they have to get divorced for Tulika and Varun. Varun says that his life is messed up and he is feeling himself at the wit’s end. He says that he knows that he is doing a big mistake but he is helpless and compelled of doing so.

Nima gets agreed with this and leaves when Suresh holds her hand. She noticed the tree and recalls the old days. She tells Suresh that she still remember when they came here for the first time after her marriage and Suresh carved this name on this tree. Nima saya that everything gets changed now and we also get changed now. They both are crying and feeling helpless in the situation. Nima says that she will give him a divorce as it will be favourable for our better future. Tune in to Colors TV and watch the complete episode. Stay connected for more Nima Denzongpa written updates.


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