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Nima Denzongpa Maha Episode 1st Nov 2021 Written Update: Nima & Suresh Get Exposed By Shweta


The 1st November 2021 Maha Episode of Nima Denzongpa is going to be overwhelming enough because the owner of the house will come to know the reality of Nima’s relationship with Suresh. Meanwhile, she asks Nima to reveal everything that is going on between the two, because recently she has become the witness of such an inappropriate moment, which indicates that strangers can not do such things. Spontaneously, Nima reveals everything about her wedding life and journey, after hearing this, the owner puts a condition that if their truth is this so only one can work here.

Nima Denzongpa Today's Episode

At the same time, the Owner expresses her faith in Nima by saying that she is working at their residence for the last 20 years, and Suresh just joined them so, therefore, he will have to leave the job as soon as possible. Nima gets shocked to hear and close her hands in front of her while begging to not take such a decision for him because he has a family and no one is earning theirs besides him. Hence, Nima decides to quit the job but her owner tells her that she was hiding a big truth and she can not be a part of it, hence she will have to make Amma acquainted with her truth.

After a while, the Owner calls Suresh as well and asks them to take a unanimous decision that who will quit the job because once, Amma gets to know about their truth so she would be fired them together. Hence, Nima makes Suresh understand that she should not quit the job, Suresh does the same while making her understand. Therefore the owner says that if they are in love with each other, so what was the reason behind the separation, and both look at each other before saying even a single word about their separation.

On the other hand, Paras gives a gold Bracelate to Manya but spontaneously his father takes place and sees everything, but without saying even a single word he leaves the place. After a while, when he reaches his house his father expresses his rage and asks him to bring the bracelet back. But he refuses and says if he wants to take the amount of the bracelet so he will pay for everything. Meanwhile, Nima informs Amma that she wants to quit the job due to some personal issues, and Suresh does the same but he informs Paras.


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