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Nima Denzongpa Today’s 9th Sep 2021 Written Update Episode: Nima Finds Mania


The latest episode of Nima Denzongpa begins wherein Nima is telling Sarla that she is being restless since Mania missed. Sarla says that you are overthinking and it would be better for you to concern about your own daughter. She asks her to go home as it is already late and God will make everything right. Sarla hired a Rikshaw and leave from there. Just then Suresh comes there but he doesn’t get Nima there as she already left. Whereas Mania there is sitting in a storeroom and she is getting the call of nature but bemused where she should go.

Nima Denzongpa

Mania decides to enter the house and looks around and thinks to use Maaji’s washroom. At the same time Maaji goes to use the washroom but she gets frightened seeing Mania there and screams, Mania also gets scared and she hit herself by the door and faints. Nima there is extremely tensed for Mania and tells Sarla that she should go to the Police station. Sarla handsome money to Nima and assures her that she will take care of her children. Nima’s eyes get moist and she hugs Sarla. Nima says you are the only reason I still have faith in humanity.

After hearing Maaji’s scream everyone rush there and gathered in her room. Suman’s husband asks Suman what is Mania doing here, Suman says she must be scared. Her husband suggests going to the Police Station as they don’t know anything about the girl. Suman noticed that Mania is injured, her husband says that they have to take her to the hospital. Sumas says she is coming along with them. Maaji reprimands Suman and asks her to obey her husband Vinesh. Tulika and Sunita are quarrelling for water. Suresh comes there and tries to sort the things.

Suresh himself go to the water tank and see Nima there, he goes after her but finds nothing. Nima goes to the Police station and asks about Mania. One of the constables there asks her to enquiry in the hospitals. Nima says her daughter is fine. The doctor treats Mania and gives her some medicine.

On the constable suggestion, Nima comes to the hospital and asks about Mania. She just sees Mania going in a car and she runs behind her. Nima cries and hugs Mania. Suman and Vinesh look on. Tune in to Colors at 9 PM watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Nima Denzongpa.


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