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Nima Denzongpa Today’s Written Update 17th Nov 2021: Sia Finds Out About Shiv’s Wedding


As you all know that your favorite show called Nima Denzongpa is turning more interesting as compared to before and there is no doubt that the makers of the show are leaving no stone unturned to make it more watchable. In the previous episode, you all watched an amazing story where Nima gets to know about Shiv’s wedding and the scene turns piping hot as compared to before. Well, the latest episode will bring some more drama to your screen this night.

Nima Denzongpa Today's Episode Written Update 17th Nov 2021: Sia Gets To Know About Shiv's Wedding

So, tonight’s episode begins with, Sia who is in the office meanwhile she gets a call from Nima, she picks the call and asks her why she called him, Nima replies that she wants to tell her something and she should know about it. Sia says her to tell, she then says that she should have met her because it is rather important than anything. Sia asks her to tell, Nima was about to speak while Sia sees Shiv stepping towards the cabin, and seeing him she gets super excited. Sia hangs up the call saying she will talk to her later.

Nima Denzongpa Written Update

Nima there gets worried thinking about her and prays to God to keep her safe and protect her. Nima breaths thinking that how will she bear the pain that she is about to get. There in the office, Asha comes to the pantry and fly seeing plenty more stuff right there and as per her behavior, she starts picking up or better say stealing the goods. Meanwhile, Bakey comes there but accidentally falls down. Asha hears the step sounds and hides before he sees her. Baakey looks around in the pantry and does not see Asha there so he leaves. Suresh who is already there hides too thinking if she does not see him.

In the cabin, Sia who is over-excited to meet Shiv starts rehearsing that how will she talk to Shiv and what will be his reaction after meeting her. She starts rehearsing, asks how are you? and replies I am fine, then she says that she wants to talk to him but privately and has something to tell him if he does not mind. Suddenly, the Manager comes and offers her some sweets, she smiles and asks that why it is so, he replies that Shiv got married and this sweet is just for that. He says with a smile to pick some and congratulate him. Just after hearing the news, she gets shocked, she controls herself and leaves congratulating him. Stay tuned to get more updates.


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