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Nima Denzongpa Written Update 10th September 2021 Episode: Maaji Gets Impressed by Nima


In the latest episode of Nima Denzongpa, we have watched that Nima is moving heaven and earth to find her daughter and finally she ended up finding her at a government hospital where Suman bring her for treatment. Later, Suman is looking for Nima as she got emotional hearing the heart-wrenching story of Nima and decides to hire her as a cook in her house. Suman takes along with her home where Maaji took asks about her and her family background. As and when Nima tells her that she has three daughters, Maaji rejected her by saying that she can’t make up with the work and her children altogether. Nima gets disappointed and about to leave when Dadi gets convinced by her head servant Baaky to hire Nima.

Nima Denzongpa

Nima gets elated and Maaji asks her to make sure to arrive on time and you are on a trial for one week. Nima returns to Sarla and tells her everything and she got a job and now she will enrol her daughters in the school. Sarla assures her that everything will be alright soon and make arrangements for Nima’s house, but Sarla tells Nima that she will get a house in the same street as Suresh’s house. Nima gets agrees to live there with her daughters.

The next morning Tuika and Sunita noticed that the house that was vacant is now occupied and go to introduce themselves. They both get awestruck when Nima opens the door, they both lash out at Nima, but Nima gives them a befitting reply and shut the door on their face. Nima later goes to school with her children and get late on the first day of her work. She reached a bit late and Maaji is sitting at the entrance singing devotional songs with Baaky. Suman gestures to him to enter the kitchen but Maaji got Nima.

Maaji says that you are late even in your trial and asks her to leave. Nima apologises to her, but Maaji didn’t listen to her once. Nima is about to leave but when Suman’s son is crying due to stomach pain. Maaji gets restless seeing him, in Nima says that she knows a remedy that can give him instant relief.

Maaji neglects her and asks her to go but Baaky again convinced her by saying North-eastern are great with the herbs. Dadi asks her to make it and Nima obeys Maaji and makes a potion that gives instant relief to Suman’s son. Maaji gets impressed with Nima and offers her the job. Tulika and Sunita there barge in Nima’s room and sabotage there and write cursed on the door with mud. Stay connected with Social Telecast for further Nima Denzongpa Written update.


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