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Nima Denzongpa Written Update 24th September 2021 Episode: Manya Founds The Scooter


Varun is hanging out with his friends in the colony. Nima returning home from Salim motors, Varun noticed them and starts teasing them. Mania was about to thrash Varun when Nima stops her. Nima asks Mania to enter the house. Manya sadly goes in and asks Sia that she knows she messed up the things, but Aayi always underestimates me. Sia makes her understand and tells her never to doubt her love. We were quite young when you lost at that time we also lost our mother and we get her back along with you. Naari was a toddler at that time, so don’t doubt her love again. Learn more from the latest episode of Nima Denzongpa written update.

Nima Denzongpa

Varun again starting teasing them, Naari gives a doubtful look at him, Mania understands what she trying to say. Sia says we can’t blame them without any evidence, but Naari and Mania start connecting points. Sia says but how can we reveal the truth, Mania says she knows how to sort it out. The next morning Sia and Nima are having their breakfast when Manya and Naari come downstairs. Nima informs them that Sarla is going to organize a loan for us to pay Salim motors and end this problem. Manya asks Nima to wait till tomorrow as an Inspector is going to help in finding our scooter.

Nima Denzongpa 24th Sep 2021

Nari and Manya come out of the house and starts walking behind Varun intentionally. They start talking about the thieves and police to scare Varun. Manya says whoever stole our scooter will get punished by Police. Manya and Naari later go to a constable and asks for a direction to fool Varun as he is chasing them. Varun gets frightened out and rush to her mother and tells them everything. Tulika asks him to not worry and remove the fingerprints and numberplate from the scooter.

Varun comes out in the night he is looking funny, Naari noticed Varun and informs Manya. All the three sisters start chasing Varun and eventually they find their scooter in the godown. Manya even recorded them and again set up a plan to taste Tulika her own medicine. She asks one of her friends to scare Varun and his family. His friend does the same and come to Varun’s house and threaten him that you are going to jail for stealing a scooter. Nima and her daughters are watching them when the fake inspector asks Manya we found the culprit. Everyone looks on. Watch all the episodes of the show on Voot anytime. Stay connected with Social Telecast for the latest Nima Denzongpa written update.


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