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Noel Hanna Death And Obituary: She Climbed Mount Everest 10 Times


Today we are going to share the news which is very heartbreaking but we are also proud of him. Yes, we are talking about the person who was a climber and also achieved his goal of climbing and passed away at the age of 56. The well-known and versatile person mountain climber Neol Hanna passed away at the age of 56. What is the reason for his death and what he contributed and what he achieved we will tell you all details and information about him that we collect through the deep research so please scroll down the page and continue to read.

The person who is multitasking and adventurous person Neol Hanna deceased on Monday 17th April 2023. According to reports, Neol  Hanna died at a camp while climbing down a 26545-foot mountain in the Annapurna Mountain range in the central capital. He was discovered dead inside his tent at the camp after being unresponsive he took down to the hospital and immediately airlifted to Kathmandu which is the capital of Nepal. Neol Hanna was an accomplished Irish hiker. Hanna had successfully climbed the formidable peak but died in his tent at camp overnight. One of Ireland’s best-known climbers, Mr. Hanna, from Dromara, had scaled Mount Everest 10 times. In 2018, he became the first person from the island of Ireland to successfully summit and descend K2. He was married to Lynne Hanna.

On behalf of the Board and members of Mountaineering Ireland, Chairperson David Pollard expressed condolences to Noel’s wife, Lynne, who summited Everest, Manaslu, and many other peaks with Noel.“Noel’s positivity, enthusiasm, and can-do attitude were infectious and his loss will be felt across the mountaineering community. May he rest in peace. To know more about him drag down the page and keep continuing to read and stay with us and with this website.

Neol Hanna was an adventurous person and passionate about to full fill his dreams this adventure he make passionate about himself and a goal to achieve them.  He did it. He makes so many records for climbing. Neol Hanna is a renowned adventurer and endurance athlete of the highest order. He held the first position in many competitions of climbing the mountains. He was the original founder of the Spartan Race and his accomplishment include summiting Everest 10 times. However, Neol Hanna was found dead inside his tent at Camp IV of Annapurna on Monday night after scaling the 26,545ft mountain without supplemental oxygen, officials said. He began scaling the mountain on Wednesday of last week. Camp IV is the final camp before the summit. All people who are mourning his death and sending a condolence to him also said they are proud of him.


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