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Norma Yarrow Viral Video: Congresswoman Speaks Up On Incident Accepts Mistake


The quite awkward incident is coming in front of the people, which has created havoc on social media because a video of Congresswoman Norma Yarrow has been viral. She is surrounded by controversies again because while taking a shower she forgot to turn off her camera. As everyone knows that social media is a platform where any video or photo does not take much time to become viral like a wildfire. Something similar happened with Congresswoman Norma Yarrow when her video took place on social media and became the subject of discussion when it was seen by uncounted people.

Norma Yarrow Video Goes Viral Congresswoman Speaks On Incident Accepts Mistake

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Some pictures have been shared since the news came to the fore along with the video it is being told that she has also used the filter. But till now no one has told Norma that her performance was much more than normal, as seen by many on social media. But since her photos and video have been seen by people, she is going through a controversy, because many reactions are coming in front of her. Therefore it became a matter of thinking for her, so below you can check the essential details about her.

When it comes to the essential details about Norma Yarrow, so she was born on July 29, 1963, and belongs to a Peruvian architect and politician. During the period of 2002-2006, 2006-2010 she was the councilor of Lima, and now she is Congresswomen of the republic during the period of 2021-2006. She has become a member of the National Solidarity Party as organization secretary from 2002 to 2011. In 2010 she was re-elected Councilor of the Municipality of Lima, and after a year she became part of the Congress of the Republic as a candidate for the National Solidarity Alliance.

But nowadays, she is going through controversies ever since her inappropriate images took place on social media, because she forgot to off her camera while taking shower. Due to the reactions of the users, she is shocked because everything has been done spontaneously which she never ever expected. This issue has become the subject of much discussion because Norma is a very popular face of the world of politics. Many statements also came on social media related to her controversy, but still, a few pieces of information are pending to come, so whenever we will get more details we will update you soon, so stay connected with us.


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