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Ntombi Mzolo Daughter Name Linile Vunani Mzolo Cause Of Death, “Miracle Baby” Passes Away


The very famous media personality is mourning her daughter’s death which brought a wave of grieving this morning. Ntombi Mzolo announced that her youngest daughter LInile Vuani Mzolo has left her forever. The famous singer announced it through her social media captaining “The heaven has gained an angel”. Well, you must have known that this was the singer’s second baby whom she just lost, wherein 2015 her baby boy whom she named as a miracle baby had also passed away.

Ntombi Mzolo daughter name

Just 3 weeks before Mzolo celebrated her baby Linile’s 3rd birthday and took her to the swimming classes. The news of her demies has shaken Mzolo’s many fans. followers and friends and everyone are showing their concern towards her by sending her condolences messages. However, this is the worst situation that has to enter Ntombi’s life again because after losing her baby boy she got Linile that became a reason to be happy to the entire family but as she has also gone so no doubt, Mzolo and her entire family has to accept this bitter truth. On her Instagram, she uploaded a beautiful picture of her angel where she said “Heaven has taken our another Angel @iambabylv., God, we trust you to get us through this”.

Well, there is no doubt that giving birth to a child is one of the most painful things that ever happen to motherhood but after that pain, a wave of happiness comes, but the most painful and heart-wrenching thing is to say goodbye to the own kid whom a woman gave birth, and this is the same burden which has sit on Musician and television personality Ntombi Mzolo and everyone is praying to God to bless her with the power so that she can courage to say her angel a goodbye for forever.

People are sending her condolences messages to her so that she will get enough courage to handle the current circumstances which she is going through. Everyone is standing with her and showing their respect towards her. In the midst of this unexpected situation where she and her entire family is dealing with the sudden demise of her just turned 3 years old daughter, we also wish that her daughter’s soul may rest in peace. Our deepest condolences are with her and her family may god gives her the power to deal with it.


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