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Nusrat Jahan Says Separation Happened With Husband Nikhil Jain Long Back Wedding Not Valid Now


Actor turned MP Nushrat Jahan released statements on Wednesday regarding her marriage with Nikhil Jain. The Actress stated that since her marriage is not valid according to the Indian constitution, she doesn’t require to get divorced from Nikhil Jain. The 31-year-old Trinamool Congress MP has issued several statements after her marriage became the topic of discussion among many. She highlighted that they had married back in 2019 in Turkey where the customs and rituals are totally different from here in India. Due to the differences, Indian law doesn’t consider this as a marriage and rather looks at it as a live-in relationship.

Nusrat Jahan

Considering the same, it doesn’t need them to get divorced to confirm their separation. She has stated that just because she didn’t speak up about her personal life, doesn’t mean that they have not parted their ways yet. As per Indian law, their marriage is invalid and thus no discussion should be raised on their divorce. Speaking of the controversial marriage, Nushrat married Nikhil Jain soon after she got the victory in her Lok Sabha polls where she was standing from the Basirhat seat. In 2019, the couple tied the knot on Bodrum of Turkey.

After such a long time, her marriage came in limelight and regarding the same, she shared some of her statements about the actual truth of the broken marriage. While continuing her statement, she used “one who claims to be rich” referring to someone whose name she kept hidden. The MP stated that the aforementioned person has been withdrawing money from her personal bank account and that too without her consent. She continued that she has lodged a complaint regarding the same and has discussed it with the banking authorities about the possible solution of this issue.

Nushrat Jahan even accused the same person of keeping her personal jewellery given by her family along with her personal stuff to himself. Concluding her statement, Nushrat requests the media not to drag those people who are related to her life and are close to her regarding the matter. While she also asked the normal people to stay away from entertaining the matter without any involvement of them. As per her lengthy sets of revealed statements, Nushrat has also mentioned that she doesn’t want any third person to get benefit from her fandom as she has earned the position where she is right now with hard work and dedication.


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