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Nyamira Cousins Clinton Maosa Obwocha and Daisy Barongo Binyanya Killed In Road Crash


Clinton Maosa Obwocha, 25, and his cousin Daisy Barongo Binyanya, 24, thought they would safely make it to their rural home in Nyamira County when they left Nairobi on Christmas Eve. However, it was not to be. The two had earlier notified their parents that they would be returning home later in the day, along with two other people. As mentioned, that did not happen and the Nyamira cousins witnessed a mishap. Here, in this article, check out what happened to the cousins and how did they die. Read the full article to get details.

Nyamira Cousins Clinton Maosa Obwocha and Daisy Barongo Binyanya Killed In Road Crash

Clinton Maosa Obwocha and Daisy Barongo Binyanya Killed

Mr. Obwocha, a teacher who earned his degree from Kisii University in 2018, and Ms. Binyanya, an architect who earned her degree from the Technical University of Nairobi just a few days before the trip, were both recent graduates. Reports claim that before they left, Binyanya called her father. It was around 6 AM when her father received her call and was informed that she is on her way. Needless to say, her father took a breath of relief hearing that she has left and would reach home in some time. Nevertheless, nothing like that happened.

What Happened In The Ratili Area?

Ahead of the festive reunion, Mr. Obwocha’s mother, Ms. Rodah Nyaboga Moraa, started her preparation for the Christmas meal for her son. Not just his mother, but his father was also hopeful that his son would return and that they would celebrate the festival together. Talking about the news to the media, Ms. Moraa said that she was preparing a meal for her son. She sat outside anxiously waiting for him to arrive from Nairobi where he works. She added that she was very happy when he informed her he was visiting her home.

Obwocha’s mother further said that she kept her abreast of his location and all seemed well. Everything was going fine until they received a call from her son Kevin Omote who told them that everything is not well. Police report that the collision happened 172 kilometers from Nairobi in the Ratili neighborhood along the Narok-Bomet road. The accident occurred around 11:20 am, according to a police report kept at the Ololunga police station. The report stated, in part, “The motor vehicle of registration number KBN 444B make a Mercedes Benz Saloon (sic) was involved in the self-involved deadly road accident.” According to the report, the driver lost control of the car and it rolled multiple times before coming to rest on the other side of the street.


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