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Odalis Santos Dies After Surgery: Instagram Influencer Check Wiki Biography Bio Age Image


One of the terrible news of the sudden demise of the Mexican based bodybuilder and Social media influencer Odalis Santos awestruck everyone. She was 23 years of her age when she passed away. All of her beloved, close friends and fans are extremely disappointed and shocked with the news of the untimely demise of the rising stars. Odalis has fetched huge stardom with her pristine physique. She also provides bodybuilding tips to all of her fans through her Social Media accounts, but as of now, the gym enthusiast is not with us anymore.

Odalis Santos Dies After Surgery

Well, according to the latest reports, Odalis passed away on Tuesday during her underarm sweating surgery. She was suffering from a common problem of underarm sweating. She wants to get dispose of it and in order to do this, she was planning to go under surgery at the Skinpiel Clinic located in the city of Guadalajara. As far as we concern about the prominent reason for her death she had Cardiac Arrest. The clinic gave her anaesthesia for treatment. She has had a paid partnership with the clinic. Odalis also shared on her Instagram account that “she would undergo a treatment called ‘Mira Dy’. She wanted to reduce the underarm sweat by removing the sweat glands and underarm hair.

Odalis Santos was also known as the Mexican Kim Kardashian. She also promoted the treatment through her official Instagram account. She also mentioned that procedure is completely safe and simple. But now, one of the young and notable bodybuilders is not with us anymore. Well, the corpse had been sent for the investigation. Alongside, the Mexican Police Department are investigating the whole incident. As it only assumed that after surgery effects aren’t much complicated, it was being assumed to lead to the normal effects including swelling and bruising, but the final results are completely unexpected.

The family of the influencer stated that the doctor who gave the dose of anaesthesia to Odalis wasn’t an anesthesiologist. Besides, Odalis was pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition at the University Center of the South Coast, University of Guadalajara. She also rumoured that she was in a relationship along with her personnel trainer Victor Gomez Carreno. We pray for strength for the Odalis family in such hardship of life and our deep condolence with them. We hope that the pure soul will rest in peace. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for more information.



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