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Ohio EMT And Mother Of Two Lachelle Jordan Told Dispatch She Had Been Kidnapped


A girl who went missing on Saturday evening when she went to get something from her car in Cleaveland is Lachlle Jordan. Lachelle Jordan who is 30 years old disappeared found alive on Thursday night when she reached a convenience store and was also told that someone kidnapped her. What happened to her and who kidnapped her? We will try to provide you with all details and information about this case so scroll down the page and continue to read the article until the end.

Ohio EMT And Mother Of Two Lachelle Jordan

This news comes from Cleveland where a girl whose name is Lachlle Jordan went missing on Saturday night when she went to get something from her car then she vanished and after five days she was found in the convenience store where she allegedly said someone kidnapped her. Lachlle disappeared days when she was due to make the courtroom because involving in the rap case with her former worker who is 65 years old Stennett.

Ohio EMT And Mother Of Two Lachelle Jordan Told Dispatch She Had Been Kidnapped

According to the reports, Jordan was captured in the CCTV of a convenience store in which she was seen entering the convenience store with limping which is on the 16600 block of Euclid Avenue on Thursday 11 May 2023 at around 11 pm. She asked to use the phone of the clerk and informed to police about her own.

Stennett still faces two counts of rape and one count of abduction in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas. Stennet was accused of raping Jordan in January. Jordan said that she was unhappy about the plea Stennett had been offered a plea deal which they have to deal with On Camera. Jordan informed police that Stenett was stalking her in his personal vehicle Cuyahoga Common Pleas Judge to remind him of his obligation to comply fully with the no-contact order” and “warned he may be placed on GPS monitoring or even jailed if there are credible further reports of his troubling the complaining witness.

She told police Stennett stood outside her home and refused to leave on January 4. A civil protection order was issued on January 13. Michael Stennett, 65, was freed on bond after the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office dismissed felony charges related to allegations he was stalking Lachelle Jordan. Jordan spoke for the first time after this thing and told that she was kidnapped and escaped from there when she get a chance on Thursday.

Jordan said she is still under treatment in the hospital due to her injuries and is grateful for her colleagues and family who are looking and searching for her. However, Stnett warned him to stay away from Jordan and his next trial related to this case will be on May 30. Follow us for more updates and Stay tuned to Social Telecast.


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