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Oklahoma Bodies Found: Seven Dead in Henryetta Were Shot By Convicted Rapist


Today we are going to share the news which is led the officers to reach the truth which was suppressed for many months. A search for two missing teenagers in a rural town led to a grim discovery at the ranch of a registered sex offender who is believed to also be among the dead. The suspense over the deaths of seven people, five of them from a family, has left the officers fumbling for a clue in Oklahoma in the United States. To know more about this information scroll down the page and continue to read the article until the end.

Found Dead in Oklahoma

According to the reports, the bodies were found on the property where McFadden lived near Henryetta town of about 6000 about 90 miles east of Oklahoma City. The bodies included two missing teens. Justin and Haydon Webster, The father and brother of Ivy Webster visited the site in Henryetta, Okla where seven people were found dead Monday. Officials have not released their names yet. Where the bodies were discovered the sex offender registry lists a man named Jesse Lee Mcfadden who was 39 years old and living at the location. Janette Mayo who is the grandmother of Tiffany Dore Guess wore a black and gold robe and sang beautifully.

Oklahoma Bodies Found

The next day her grandmother talked to her daughter Holly Guess and found something is wrong she was unstable in talking and said if we will not call you for a few days don’t worry about us and also she said that she dropped her phone in the mud. On the Next day, her fear was turned into reality. She was informed by the officers that they found her three grandchildren among the dead seven people who were found dead in a small town south of Tulsa, on a ranch belonging to a man named Mcfadden who had a trial on Monday in the court for his crimes which is sex-related but also found dead.

Mrs. Mayo’s grandchildren were identified as Tiffany who was 13 years old, Elizabeth Allen who was 17 years old and Micheal James Mayo who was 15 years old. It is unclear what was the reason why he take all of them into the yard but they were killed by gunshot. She did on Tuesday Ms. Mayo was embarking on the heartbreaking task of planning funeral services for her daughter and three of her grandchildren. When she saw them last, at the middle school recital, “they were happy, they ere smiling.


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