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Olivia Podmore Passes Away at 24 Check Death Cause NZ Olympic Former Cyclist


A piece of very sad news has taken flood of mourns on the death of New Zealand Olympic’s former cyclist named Olivia Podmore has died on Monday at the age of 24. Her death was confirmed by the Committee of the New Zealand Olympics. However, she represented her country in the year 2016 at Summer Olympics and later on at 2018’s commonwealth games but this time she was not part of the Tokyo Olympics and the reason behind this has not been unveiled yet but there are so many statements of her friends that are saying “her death was not natural”.

Olivia Podmore Passed Away

The professional racing cyclist closed her eyes forever on Monday, August 9, and as per the reports, she died just a couple of hours later after posting a message on social media where she stated that how much pressure she has for the competition. The strange thing about her death is, she was not even selected for the team after being qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. Being out of the team and that too at that time when you have loaded with the excitement to represent your country feels so bad and as it is weird in reading so just think what the person feels who is dealing with it.

According to the New Zealand news reports, Podmore’s death is being speculated as a suicide. One of the New Zealand police officials said that Olivia’s sudden demise was happened at her house in Waikato in New Zealand’s upper North Island on the 9th of August Monday. Another report said that while her death cause was not revealed one of her friends came up and said that she was not going well for the past weeks and was dealing with so much pressure. Her friend also showed some concern about her mental health.

In one of her last posts which she deleted later, she wrote: “Sport is an amazing outlet for so many people, it’s a struggle, it’s a fight but it’s so joyous”. However, she wrote it first and deleted her post before leaving the world. As her death has been identified as a suicide so after seeing her post saying this won’t be bad that her friend was saying the right thing because her words in the post are showing what she was going through and dealing with. In one of the statements of the New Zealand Olympic Committee, they said “we offer our deepest condolences”. An investigation is going on and let’s see what can be the reason for her suicide. Our condolences are also with her well-wishers.


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