Home General News Omar Trujillo Is Dead: Legendary Mexican Monarcas Morelia Player Dies At 44

Omar Trujillo Is Dead: Legendary Mexican Monarcas Morelia Player Dies At 44


There is shocking news coming forward about the death of Omar Trujillo is passed away on Thursday 1 December 2022. He died at the age of 44, at his home in his native Morelia, Mexico and the news of his death is flowing as fire on social media. He also played for Atlas and Tigers and he was the winner of the Mexican soccer champion 2000. This is the saddest news for their fans and there are various rumors of their fans start circulating on social media about the reason for his death, So let us discuss in detail what happened to him and what is the reason behind his death.

Omar Trujillo Is Dead Legendary Mexican Monarcas Morelia Player Dies

How Did Omar Trujillo Die?

According to sources, He was suffering from a heart attack and the cause of his death is a massive heart attack. He passed away due to cardiac arrest in Michoacan. When Morelia’s Mayor was training and felt something bad and decided to take him to the hospital but sadly he died after some minutes of arriving at the hospital. He won the 2000 championship with Morelia and his position was in playing as a defender. He spends most time period with Monarcas Morelia of his career.

Who Was Omar Trujillo?

Gustavo Omar Trujillo Corona was well-known as a Mexican professional footballer who played as a defender. He was born on 9 November 1977 in Morelia, Mexico the same place where he died also. He starts his career by playing for local Michoacan teams before being scouted by Monarcas Morelia.

In Morelia, he begins his debut and quickly popular as a starter for the team in 1998. He was the main player in the Mexican first-division championship and won the Winter Tournament in 2000 and continued to play for Morelia until when he was sold to Cruz Azul in 2003. In the end, talk about how this occurs a heart attack occurs when the flow of blood to the heart is severely reduced or blocked and when the body’s organs don’t get blood then it stops working which defines death.

There are too many rumors flowing on social media about his death but everything is confirmed about his death by his former teammate and writer Mois├ęs Muoz. The captain of Monarcas Morelia and a member of the national team wrote messages for him that he passed away, this is sad news for us and their fans, R.I.P., and my dear ‘Teco’. His friends also share a love for him through comments and posts. There are too many fans and friends sharing their love for him. He will always be remembered as one of the historical players of Monarcas Morelia.


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