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One Piece Chapter 1025 Spoilers Release Date & Time


The Japanese Anime TV series One Piece is undoubtedly one of the longest and most popular anime in history. Based on Eiichiro Oda’s successful manga series having the same title, the series has managed to garner decent followers who anticipate the release of new chapters every week. Recently, the author had released Chapter 1024 titled “Nobody Important” and ever since the fans are curious to find out the release and time of chapter 1025 and what would happen in the next episode. Well, you have come to the right place as we will provide you with exclusive spoilers and a preview of this upcoming chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1025

Previously, it was shown that Queen had hinted towards the possibilities of Sanji being a Lunarian and having some kind of connection with the king. Besides, Hyogoro and Kawamatsu have also spoken up about Zoro. They had stated that Zoro could be a descendant of the Shimotsuki, God of the Blade. Apart from this, the readers also witnessed a flash of Momonosuke’s dragon form. Though his human form has not been shown and no one has seen it after he grew. On another side, Shinobu was spotted crying that indicated that Momonosuke could be the caricature of Kozuki Oden, Shinobu’s father.

Now, the author will release the latest chapter 1025. It is all set to be released on September 12, 2021. On Sunday, the curiosity of the fans will come to an end as they will find out how the story unfolds further. However, we are sharing some spoilers of the unreleased chapter that might give you a hint about the forthcoming track. Though as everyone is already aware that the said manga was on a break for quite some time, there are not many spoilers updates as of right now.

Though, the new chapter will feature Momonosuke and Luffy going to Onigashima rooftop and will further confront Kaidou. It won’t be wrong to predict that a huge fight will take place at the roof. Since Momonosuke is capable of becoming a dragon, it will affect the fight on another level. Whereas, Yamato and Kaidou will also go against one another. Altogether chapter 1025 consists of a lot of interesting twists and turns that will surely satisfy the readers. Talking about the title of the chapter, it has not been revealed yet. For further updates of One Piece Manga, stick around our site and follow it for other exclusive information as well.


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