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One Piece Chapter 1026 Release Date Time Spoilers Alerts Sunday Episode


Hey Anime lovers, your wait is going to be over because the moment you all were waiting for has arrived, yes you heard right because the One Piece Chapter 1026 is set to make the fans surprised. Ever since the makers liberated the release date havoc has taken the place among the fans. Because chapter 1026 is bringing such an incredible storyline, along with full of action, so just gearing up yourself to catch it at the correct schedule. Because the countdown has begun, get to know more check the brief details below such as release date, spoiler, preview, review, etc.

One Piece Chapter 1026

The One Piece Chapter 1026 got the title “The Decisive Battle” and it is being released on Sunday, 26th September 2021 at various timings according to the city comfort. Many spoilers have been taken the place on social media which is making the fans crazy because this time, makers have worked more on the action scenes, to make you feel over the top. After the grand success of chapter 1025, makers have decided to bang the screen by enhancing the entertainment level more through chapter 1026.

According to the spoilers, The Anime will begin where Kaidou executes conspiracy to shoot his “Bolo Breath” and Momonusuke scarcely arranged to dodge it. Momonusuke bits hardly to Kaidou which becomes the cause of extreme pain, Nekomamushi and Inaurashi will lose their kind which will state as (Sulong) because the clouds will be covered by the moon. Meanwhile, the battling angle appears between Kaidou and Luffy by using colors of the supreme king Haki, and their attack impact will be too high because it separates the entire sky into two parts, but the full moon appears to overturn the circumstances through which Nekomamushi and Inuarashi will recover their “Sulong” form.

One Piece Chapter 1026 Release Time

  • Indian Timing:- 09:30 PM
  • Australia Timing:- 01:30 AM
  • Pacific Timing:- 09:00 AM
  • Eastern Timing:- 12:00 PM
  • Philippin Timing:- 12:00 AM
  • British Timing:- 05:00 PM
  • European Timing:- 06:00 PM

The makers will release the Anime according to the several timings which we have mentioned here because uncounted fans had confusion regarding the release timings. This schedule has been set as per the comfort zone of the states, so that, no one can be ignorant with any chapter of One Piece. Because Anime has a worldwide craze and this is the reason no one would like to take chance. So we have mentioned all crucial details here that will make your work a bit comfy to get it, so stay connected with us for further details.


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