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Online Gaming Promos – 4 Things to Look Out For


While other industries struggle, online gaming only goes from strength to strength as trends like Esports and classic game revivals gather pace everywhere from mobile app stores to packed online gaming lobbies.

With such a burgeoning market unfurling before their very eyes, many games developers and publishers are investing heavily in trying to attract as many of this new wave of gamers as possible. Of course, this involves huge amounts of marketing and promotion to catch the attention of gamers who have more choice than ever before.

Here we take a look at exactly how online gaming companies are trying to attract new customers as well as hold on to the ones they have. Then it will be time to break down the promotions and bonuses on offer, to see which ones really stand out from the crowd and deliver value for money for those gamers who love to play everything from Genshin Impact to classic games like chess and slots.

Online Gaming Promos 4 Things to Look Out For

When signing up to promotions or accepting bonuses it always makes sense to read the small print as carefully as possible so as not to be dealt a nasty surprise further down the line

Free Trials and Rolling Contracts

Free trials are all the rage at the moment especially seeing as gaming companies are eager to sell their streaming or cloud platforms to people. This is evident with the rise of platforms like the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Nvidia GeForce Now, both of which have different ways of letting gamers try their services for free for a limited amount of time. For example, GeForce Now allows people to sample their cloud gaming platform for 1 hour each month, free of charge, whereas the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lets people play for a whole month for just $1.

However, people should be wary of rolling contracts which often require them to cancel a cheap introductory contract with the provider before the contract automatically rolls over into being a more expensive standard one. Nvidia even allow customers to pay monthly or annually for their subscription, which is a nice touch.

Sample Sessions and Credits

There is no doubt that gamers will always love receiving something for free and this has led to the rise of games that start for free but then require payment once players run out of credits.

Such games can be found on PC but are particularly popular on mobile, where players can dip into their phone and spin reels or dodge foes for free wherever they may find themselves. It is then up to them whether, depending on the terms provided by the gaming platform, they choose to wait for more free spins or stick around and pay to play a longer session. This is ultimately a balancing act that is about giving each individual the choice of whether to call it quits or to carry on playing.

Online Gaming Promos

Promos, bonuses, and gaming bundles can all bring down the overall cost of online gaming, but only if a player understands their intricacies

Bundles Sometimes Promote Quantity Over Quality

Another way that many gamers and general consumers of online content are making savings is by using bundle sites like Fanatical, which lump together a variety of products for a fixed price, thereby reducing the individual cost of each item.

While certain bundles can be excellent value if they fit with exactly what a person is looking for, there are others that can promote quantity over quality, attracting people with cheap products they will probably never use.

Keep Track of In-Game Purchases

As we alluded to previously, free-to-play games are all the rage at the minute, but obviously the people involved in making them want to get paid. Some games like this subsist solely on income derived from pop-up ads and banners, which can be annoying to behold while in the middle of a tense game.

The alternative is that the game requires players to purchase certain things in-game, in order for the game to be enjoyed to its full extent. This can include players being asked to pay for fancy avatar skins or even to open up special hidden levels. Such things can obviously be fun to get your hands on, but just don’t get carried away clicking that “Buy” button, or a previously free gaming session can suddenly become expensive.


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