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Ontario Shooting: Who Were David Renteria, Sonia and George Ramirez? Details Explored


There is shocking news coming forward related to the death of three members of a family who were shot to death in this shooting incident. David Renteria, Sonia, and George Ramirez were founded dead in a roman place house and this news went viral and this news is running on the top of the internet. There are so many people and users of social media users expressing their reactions and sorrows on this shooting incident. Let’s discuss this incident in brief and here in this article we shared all the information about this incident, so read continuously.

Ontario Shooting Who Were David Renteria Sonia and George Ramirez Details Explored

As per the exclusive news and reports, The three family members were discovered by the deputies at a residence near Montclair on the night of Monday and the investigation is ongoing. The family members were founded on 30 January 2023 and it is coming forward that they all died in a fatal shot. No one reported this shooting incident before Tuesday night and according to Rodriguez, police were called sometime later at around 9:00 pm to the block of Ramona after founding them dead. Another spokesperson, Gloria Huerta said that at this time, murderers do not think that the deaths were a case of murder or suicide.

Ontario Shooting Details Explained

George Ramirez was 66 years old at the time of his death whereas Sonia Ramirez was 68 years old. As per the statement of a spokesperson, Mara Rodriguez shares that Ramirez was married together and the third dead person David Rentria who was 43 years old was also founded in this shooting incident but there is no information shared about him. The investigation is ongoing and police continue searching for more shreds of this incident. We will update our article after getting any information and announcement from the police and anyone who is linked with this incident and share it in our article.

All victims who died in this incident and discovered deaths were found in a 1350 square-foot home, a two-story home, and this house was built in a 1960s-era community on a cul-de-sac. There are various old and same like their house were there in nearby areas. One of their neighbors stated that there are six people who are the equal owner of the home and as per the public records, the residence is occupied by Renters and other various people. His neighbors and people who lived around their home didn’t share any news or information about what happened there well the investigation is ongoing and police continue searching for the exact information.


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