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Pandya Store 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam Breaks The Fixed Deposit


The popular serial on Star Plus has been making headlines due to its entertaining storyline and ongoing track. Yes, we are indeed talking about Pandya Store. Currently, Gautam, the main lead, is worried about building a room for Dhara. Let’s see what happens in today’s episode. It begins with Gautam, who breaks his fixed deposit (FD). He tells everyone that he has brought the money by breaking the FD and wants them to keep the money safely in the locker. He says that with the help of this money, they will get their land back.

Pandya Store 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam Breaks The Fixed Deposit

Suman gets happy. She tells Gautam that they should keep him in the locker instead as he is the ‘gold’ of this house. Suman says that she has never imagined that their father’s dream of freeing the land and opening a store there will ever be fulfilled but because of Gautam, it’s finally happening. Suman asks Krish to bring a Dhol as they will celebrate the moment and even distribute sweets in the locality. Dhara asks Gautam how will they open a new store. He replies that he will manage that. Dhara smiles and tells him that she is going to bring medicines for him but Gautam says that she is his medicine.

On another side, Suman distributed sweets. Ladies ask if Dhara has gotten pregnant. Suman answers that news will come soon. She asks them to have sweets as her children have succeeded. Later, Prakash enters the house. Dev asks Dhara to chose a design as he will be building a room for her on the upper floor. Dhara gets shocked. Shiva says that they didn’t like when Dhara and Gautam slept in the hall instead of in their own rooms. Krish feels betrayed and asks his brothers why did they not inform him about it. They answer that he would have spread the news that’s why.

However, Gautam refuses to give advance money to Prakash contractor saying he needs the money to free the land. Dev and Shiva say that they cannot see Gautam and Dhara sleeping in the hall but Gautam sticks to his words and tells them that he has no spare money as of now so a room cannot be built. He reminds everyone about Suman’s happiness as she even has distributed sweets in the locality saying her sons will be opening a new branch soon. Find out the further story of Pandya Store on Star Plus.


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