Home Entertainment Pandya Store 28th May 2023 Written Update: Shivank is exposed

Pandya Store 28th May 2023 Written Update: Shivank is exposed


The episode begins with Dhara returning home and getting shocked after hearing about Prerna’s situation. Meanwhile, Shivank attempts to communicate with Prerna, but she rejects him and runs out of the room. Dhara witnesses Prerna running away from Shivank and slapping him. Prerna sobs in Dhara’s embrace, accusing Shivank of attempting to assault her and urging them to call the police. Shivank protests his innocence, but Dhara harshly scolds him.

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 28th May 2023 Written Update

The commotion attracts the attention of everyone in the house, including Gautam and Suman, as Prerna recounts the harrowing events to them. Shivank denies the allegations, prompting Gautam and Dev to physically assault him, while Shweta overhears. Shivank shows no remorse for his actions, leading Dhara to plead with Gautam to not believe his lies, while Shivank challenges Gautam to kill him.

Pandya Store written episode update

In the next scene, Prerna denies being Shivank’s wife, while Shweta is told by Gautam that Prerna was married fraudulently and does not accept Shivank as her husband. Dev questions Shivank’s authority in the matter, to which he responds with his love for Prerna. Suman urges them to settle their differences and move on, but Gautam highlights the wrongfulness of forcing a spouse into intimacy without their consent. After that, Arushi gets into a heated argument with her mother over her impending marriage to Shiva. Dhara intervenes, stating the importance of respecting a person’s decisions. Raavi and Rishita return home to witness the commotion, and Prerna engages in a heated argument with Suman.”

Suman rebukes Prerna while Dhara reveals that she and Gautam are married and he never acted against her wishes. She then questions Shweta on how she allowed something wrong to happen to Prerna. Shweta, who claims to be unaware of the situation, asserts that she was in her own room. Dev reminds everyone of what Shweta did to Krish while Dhara agrees and accuses Shweta of being as callous as Shivank. Raavi then steps in and defends Shivank, hugging him tightly while he passionately proclaims his innocence. However, Prerna chides Shivank and his actions.

Dev declares that he will contact the authorities, but Raavi interjects and defends Shivank. Dhara accuses Raavi of condoning his wrongdoing. Raavi debates whether or not Hardik would be treated similarly if he were on Shivank’s side. Rishita disapproves, Raavi maintains that she cannot imagine her brother being in the wrong and pleads with Prerna to fill her in on the specifics. Dhara threatens to take advantage of the opportunity to bring Shivank to justice by accompanying her to the police station, convinced she knows the truth about the matter. And the episode ends here


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