Home Entertainment Pandya Store 8th July 2021 Today’s Episode: Dev Feels Bad For Gautam

Pandya Store 8th July 2021 Today’s Episode: Dev Feels Bad For Gautam


Let’s find out what will happen in the upcoming episode of Pandya Store. It begins with Hardik coming home. He punches Gautam and tells him that he wanted to meet him for so long. Gautam asks him to sit and says that he missed him as well. Dhara also comes there and asks Hardik if he didn’t miss her. They all laugh. Hardik notices the family sleeping in the hall. He asks Dhara about it. She answers that they get a good sleep here. Dev overhears their conversation and feels bad for Dhara. He thinks that Dhara also needs some privacy as she gave her room to him and Rishita.

Pandya Store

Dhara asks Hardik to sit as she will prepare tea but Hardik tells her that he will have next time and asks them to go back to sleep. The next morning, Dev goes to Gautam to talk about him and Dhara. Gautam comes to know that Kamini lost her election ticket. Dev gets happy and tells Gautam that the last deserved it. Gautam asks him not to say things like that as she is also a family member. Later, Dev sits with Gautam to talk to him while Rishita watches them from a distance.

Meanwhile, Raavi brings the breakfast tray but it slips when she sees Shiva. Krish teases Raavi saying she was seeing Shiva. Raavi complains that it was Shiva who was seeing her and not her. Dhara asks her to calm as it’s a good thing if they are finally acknowledging each other’s existence. In the next scene, Suman comes angrily. She begins to scold everyone. Gautam asks her what has happened and why is she angry. If anyone did something. Suman says that they didn’t organize marriage suspension. Dhara corrects her saying it’s ‘reception’.

Suman scolds Dhara for always correcting her but not organizing the reception when two daughters-in-law entered the house. Dhara apologizes and smiles. Kanta agrees and says that they should celebrate with pomp and show and should feed people. Suman agrees. Gautam gets tensed. He thinks that he was saving money to make a new bedroom for Dhara but the reception party spoilt his plan. Now, the money will get waste on the function. Suman notices Gautam and asks him if something happened. Gautam just shakes his head. Watch the full episode of Pandya Store on Star Plus and stay tuned to this space for the latest updates.


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