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Pandya Store 9th May 2023 Written Update


Hello everyone, we are going to tell you what will happen in today’s episode of Pandaya Store on 9 May 2023. The latest written update of Pandya Store is today’s episode 9 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Shivank lies to Prena that he really wants to help her. Rishita calls the doctor when Shweta says you can get my test done and asks Krish for a glass of water. Shivank asks to Prena get her test done and confirm the pregnancy. Shivank says I am doing this for your betterment and now go take a rest.

Pandya Store written update

Prerna cries when she sees her and Krish’s pics. Dhara says to Prena that she was doing it for the betterment and Prena says you can’t justify your actions and you lied to me. Shiva stops Raavi and asks her why Shweta is saying that she raised Chiku on the road and Chiku is Dhara’s son so tell me why Shweta said this. Raavi says I will tell you later.

Pandya Store Written Update

He says you have to tell me what is happening here. Prerna asks to Shivank why Krish was not there and cries. Raavi asks Shiva if they remembered what happened to Sankranti and he says he does not remember she says you will remember as soon time passes and say Shweta is Krish’s wife. Krish takes care of Shweta and takes her to her room. Gautam says Krish was hating Shweta before. Prerna also gives her blood sample for tests. Shivank asks Prerna to go inside. He thanks the doctor. Krish ties Shweta and says I do not want to give you any chance to you and she shouts.

Raavi says she understands how she feels because she faced the same situation before when she married Shiva there was no good situation and now I love him and live with him as you also accept Shivank. All members call Dhara a liar. Gautam feels unwell and Dhara rushingly runs towards him and asked what happened to him. Krish gets shocked when he sees the report that Shweta is really pregnant.


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