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Pandya Store Latest Written Update 14 May 2023


Hello everyone, Here we are coming again to entertain you by giving the latest written update on your all favorite shows and today we will talk about the show Pandya Store. The latest written update of today’s episode Pandaya Store is 14 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Shiva becomes very excited and tells about his marriage proposal after distributing the sweets. Raavi starts crying after when Shiva gives a gift to Raavi. Shiva gets upset when he thinks that Raavi’s husband is going to remarry a girl. Everything is messed up in the situation in Pandaya’s house.

Pandya Store written episode update

Pandya Store Today’s Episode

On the other hand, the girl who meets Shiva in the middle of the road gets angry and shocked to see Dhara’s photo in her mother’s hand. She says she hates Dhara and throws Dhara’s photo in the dustbin. The children get upset and say that they never will eat Nonveg again when they see Raavi crying. Suman thinks it never happens in this situation if all have like children’s hearts. Prena gets worried and anxious when Krish lost his consciousness after falling when Prena saves him from the accident when he chasing Prena to stop her from leaving.

Pandya Store Written Update episode

Dhara and Prena try to wake up Krish and spread some water on Krish’s face. Prena confesses and tightly hugs him after he wakes up and he also confesses to Prena. Krish and Prena both hugs each other and confess to each other. After leaving the children, Suman and Rishita forbid her to cry this way otherwise she would fall in love. Raavi says she will stop this marriage and not let marry Shiva that girl. Meanwhile, Shwet and Shivank discuss their future plans. Shweta says to Shivaan to execute their plans as soon as possible but before then when Krish won the heart again of Prena.

Raavi and Shiva get into arguments in the middle of the road. Shiva says why Raavi would not let him marry her to that girl when they have no relations with each other. Raavi takes Shiva to That Girl and also threatens her that she can’t marry Shiva. Finally, Krish and Prena seek help from Dhara. They decide to return home. Suman says to control her emotions as Shiva does not know why everyone is refusing him to get married. For more updates stay tuned to the social telecast.


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