Home Entertainment Pandya Store Today’s Episode 22nd July 2021 Written Update: Dhara Gets Emotional

Pandya Store Today’s Episode 22nd July 2021 Written Update: Dhara Gets Emotional


At the beginning of Pandya Store, Anita advises Shiva to treat Raavi with respect and care. She reminds him that Raavi is his wife now and he should pay attention to her. The scene changes. Shiva reaches home to see Dhara sleeping peacefully. He stops there and looks at her. He feels sad for Dhara as she has done a lot for the family. Meanwhile, Dev also comes. He also stands there with Shiva. Later, they sit beside Dhara’s feet. They think that Dhara deserves the world but she didn’t get much in this house. Dhara wakes up and gets surprised seeing Dev and Shiva sitting near her feet.

Pandya Store Today's Episode 22nd July 2021 Written Update: Dhara Gets Emotional

Dhara asks them if they are hungry. They shake heads. They ask her to come along with them. She gets confused about what is happening with them all of a sudden. The brothers take Dhara to a temple. She asks them why they took her here. They make her sit and tell her that she is nothing less than a God in their lives. Dev and Shiva place their head on Dhara’s lap and begins to cry. Gautam also arrives there and gets emotional seeing them. Dhara cries as well and asks them if they took her here to compare her with God.

In the next scene, Gautam doesn’t see any workers in the house and asks everyone about them. Later, Dhara asks Dev and Shiva about workers as well. They smile and tell her that they will be constructing a beautiful bedroom for her and Gautam. Suman smiles seeing them. The brothers say that the workers will only use cement and bricks to construct the room but they will add love and care. Gautam smiles hearing them talk. Rishita doesn’t believe this. She tells Dev not to get involved in the making as its’s technical.

Rishita says that his love for Dhara is understandable but he should think before constructing the room. Anita gets annoyed seeing the fake love. Prafulla tells her not to get frustrated. She suggests her marrying Hardik then she will be able to do anything. Anita thinks about Prafulla’s advice. Later, Dev, Krish, and Shiva begin to construct the room. In the upcoming episode of Pandya Store, some bricks will fall upon Suman making everyone shocked. However, Dhara might try to save her and as a result, the bricks will fall upon her instead. Stay tuned to our site for the latest updates of the show.


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