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Pandya Store Today’s Written Update Of 23 June 2021: Shiva Plans Surprise Birthday Party For Ravi


In today’s episode of Pandya Store, we will see Rishita finding out that the bag is vacant while Shiva will recall that it was him who emptied the said bag. Rishita tells Dev that she suspects Shiva as there was so much money in there. Dev gets annoyed and tells her that it’s just her misunderstanding. He tells her that he saw her walking in her sleep and that she was also murmuring Dev, America Job and Money so her mind would have tricked her into thinking that Shiva has done something.

Pandya Store Today's Written Update Of 23 June 2021: Shiva Plans Surprise Birthday Party For Ravi

Shiva tells Dev that he feels that Rishita is sick as there was no money in the bag. He suggests Dev take her to a good doctor. Krish jumps into the conversation and tells them that he knows a good doctor as his friend’s father is a doctor. Rishita doesn’t believe it and announces that soon she will expose everyone. She asks Dev if Shiva began his own business then he would also have to consider that job in America. Dhara comes there and schools Rishita. The latter soon leaves. Dev also follows Rishita and the pair lock the room. Later, they both argue about the same topic.

While Ravi and Shiva smile while chatting. In the next scene, Dev and Rishita’s door gets jammed and it doesn’t unlock as Dev asks Rishita for the keys. He tries hard but fails to unlock the door. Meanwhile, Krish comes. Dev tells him that they need to break the door as it’s not opening and for that, they will need a hammer. Krish begins to laugh thinking about the situation Dev and Rishita are in right now. Dev requests Krish to keep his mouth shut and not to tell about this to anyone. Within no time, Krish comes back with a hammer and soon they unlock the door. Rishita gets annoyed.

After that, Raavi goes to Prafulla and asks for a gift as tomorrow is her birthday. She asks her not to argue with Shiva. Prafulla tells her to talk to her husband about it first as he keeps picking a fight with her. Another side, the entire family plans to surprise Raavi on her birthday. Shiva wonders what could he gift Ravi that the latter likes. Ravi asks Shiva if he is planning anything for her birthday but Shiva just leaves which makes Ravi sad. Keep reading Pandya Store written episodes on our site and watch the show on Star Plus.


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