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Pandya Store Written Episode 29th June 2021 Update: Raavi Feels Bad For Doubting Shiva


Let’s check the written episode of Pandya Store on 29th June 2021. It begins with Raavi leaving with anger while Gautam embraces Shiva into a hug. Gautam tells Shiva that bangles are not that important as his life. Shiva tells him that he knew that nothing would happen until he has his brothers. The brothers share a quick hug making Suman smile widely. Prafulla was leaving when Shiva stops her midway. Prafulla questions him why did he took those bangles and didn’t take her life. Shiva answers that Dhara Bhabhi hasn’t given him those values.

Pandya Store Written Episode 29th June 2021 Update: Raavi Feels Bad For Doubting Shiva

On another side, Raavi gets angry at Shiva and takes a melon. She writes Shiva’s name on it and begins to hit it with rage. Dhara phones Raavi to ask where did she go all of a sudden. She tells her that Shiva got the bangles and she feels that she doesn’t matter. Dhara tries to make her understand that she is overthinking but Raavi continues to fume in anger. Then, Dhara shows Raavi a video where Shiva is seen giving the bangles to Prafulla. After watching the video, Raavi starts crying and thinks that it was all Shiva’s plan.

Suman praises Shiva while Gautam asks Dhara if she mortgaged the land to get those bangles. Suman gets stunned and asks Dhara about it. She tells them that she will explain everything but not now. Suman asks Dhara to tell everything right away. Dhara speaks that it was not her but Shiva who mortgaged his part of the land to get the money so he could gift bangles to Prafulla. Later, Prafulla goes to Raavi along with Anita. Raavi smiles seeing them there and pulls them into a hug. She says that Shiva might seem bad but is the sweetest person.

Raavi tells her that if he was bad he wouldn’t have gifted the bangles to Prafulla. The latter annoyingly answers her that he sold the land that was in her name so he didn’t do any favour by gifting the bangles as it was of her own money only. Raavi doesn’t like it. Meanwhile, Dhara comes there. She hugs Raavi and tells her that she had said that Shiva’s intentions can never be wrong. After that, the family celebrates Raavi’s birthday and cut the cake. Catch all the latest episode of Pandya Store on our site and get exclusive updates of the Star Plus show.


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