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Pandya Store Written Update 15 May 2023


Hello viewers and readers here we are again to give you the latest written update of your favorite show Pandya Store 15 May 2023. The episode starts with where Suman scolding Mittu and sending him outside. Raavi says I feel dizzy and where is Dhara di. Suman says to ask to Raavi calm down and tells her Shiva will not get married. Shiva says it will happen when he takes her to meet you. Shiva says to Rishita to return home. Shiva is shouting that he wants to marry and get a wife as he has no wife. When Suman says to kill me then Shiva also says that I want to marry if not kill him.

Pandya Store written episode update

Raavi can’t control herself anymore and says she will see him and is just about to beat him. Shiva says to Raavi I will make your game over and lift his arm to throw her in well. Shweta says to Shivank to save Raavi. Suman says stop to Shivank when he asks to leave Raavi and says she is his sister.

Pandya Store Written Update

Shivank says to Raavi that she has the right that to stop him from marriage and she has relation with him. Shiva asks what relation. Suman asks to stop anything to say. Shiva and Shivank got into a fight and Suman asks to them stop but they did not stop then Gaautam and Dev come home and stop the fight between Shiva and Shivank. Shiva accuses Raavi that everything happens because of her and asks what problems she has with his marriage.

Pandya Store Written Update episode

Raavi says I have nothing to do and cries. Raavi seek helps from Gautam, to tell the truth to Shiva otherwise her life will be get ruined completely. All members turn away from one another, to tell the truth. Raavi gets sad to see this behavior of all family members and says you are all doing this because I have no parents who speak from my side.

Shivank says don’t worry your brother is still alive. Raavi is thinking she cant tell the truth and is just about to say something then in the middle Gautam says he will tell the truth to Shiva about why he cant get married. Gautam and other members create buzz and more confusion for Shiva but not telling the truth because of his condition but Raavi insists to tell the truth. Rishita jokes and says I was saying it from Raavi’s side. Gautam says there are too many expenses involved, you promised that you will never marry, but just handle the Pandya store. Shiva asks did I say. Dev says yes, you said you will handle our kids. Gautam says you got married. Raavi says to tell him who he married. Shiva asks him to say. He asks did I get married. Gautam says yes, you married Pandya store.

Suman says when this drama will end and also notices that Dhara is not there and Krish and Prena also missing. Shweta says I m going to complain to the police file. Dev calls Dhara and she tells him that Prena and Krish can’t get married. Arushi gets the calls from the marriage bureau and collided with Dhara when Dhara saves her from the accident. Arushi thinks I hate you and your everything, I wish I never meet you again. Follow us for more updates and news and stay tuned to social telecasts.


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