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Pandya Store Written Update 16th May 2023


Pandya Store is one of the most popular television shows in India, which revolves around the lives of a family that owns a grocery store in a small town. In the latest episode that aired on 16th May 2023, we saw the much-awaited meeting between Arushi and Shiva. People are very excited to know about the 16th May 2023’s episode. So, let’s begin the episode.

Pandya Store written episode update

Shiva is shocked to hear this and tries to explain that he can’t marry Arushi as he is already married. Arushi gets upset and leaves with her mom. Shiva goes back to Dhara and tells her everything. Dhara gets angry at the marriage bureau for creating such a mess. She decides to take the matter into her own hands and goes to talk to Raavi’s in-laws. She tries to convince them to withdraw the case but they refuse. However, Dhara doesn’t give up and keeps on trying various methods to stop the divorce and save Raavi’s marriage. Meanwhile, Shivank tries to impress Prerna but fails miserably.

Dhara overhears Arushi and her mom’s conversation and confronts them. She asks them not to interfere in her family matters and reminds them that Shiva is already married. Arushi’s mom tells Dhara that Shiva wants to marry Arushi, but Dhara tells them that he can’t marry Arushi as he is still married to his first wife. Arushi gets angry and blames Dhara for ruining her chances of getting married to Shiva.

Meanwhile, Raavi’s in-laws agree to take her back on the condition that Dhara withdraws the case. Dhara agrees and tells them that she will do everything to save Raavi’s marriage. She meets with her lawyers and comes up with a plan to settle the matter out of court. The plan works, and Raavi’s marriage is saved.

In the end, Shiva apologizes to Dhara for causing trouble and promises to never create any problems again. Dhara forgives him and advises him to focus on his marriage and his family. The episode ends on a happy note with Dhara feeling proud of herself for standing up for what is right and saving Raavi’s marriage.

Pandya Store is a great show that explores the lives of a family who are The latest episode was exciting, with a potential new love interest for Arushi and her mom meeting Shiva. Here we have shared all the updates about Panday Store’s Episode. So, stay tuned to Social Telecast and follow for more updates.


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