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Pandya Store Written Update 17 April 2023: Dhara Cuts All Her Ties With Pandey


Hello readers here we are again to entertain you by giving you the latest written update of today’s episode of Pandaya Store 17th April 2023. The episode starts with Chicku and Natasha being shocked to hear this when Shweta says that she gave Chiku to Dhara because she does not have any affection for Dhara and she kidnaps Natasha to teach a lesson to Dhara. Shweta says that she says that she accompany  Natasha for seven years. Shweta says if she keeps Nathsha she gets this house and a ready-made husband. so why she gave Nathasha to Rishita?To know more keep continuing to read.

Chiku drops the glass of juice and he cried after that and says to Shweta that she is very Bad. Then she realizes and got shocked that Chicku and Natasha overhear her saying. Shweta realized and worried that they will go to Dhara and tell her all thing she did and said. Chiku is crying and Dhara sees so she goes to him and asks Chicku what happened why are you crying? Chiku says that Shweta said the truth to Prena that she was the one of all behind this. He learned how Dhara gets Chicku.

He says that Shweta is his mother, not Dhara, and blames Dhara for worst mom. Dhara accused Rishita of telling the truth to Chicku by misunderstanding and scolds Rishita that she hates all the Pandayas and tells her to cut off all ties Chicku also cuts the tie from Dhara.

Pandya Store 17 April 2023 Written Update

what she did do wrong to Prena? Dhar asks Prerna. Dhara asks her why she never did anything to her so why she did that and how she kept Prena secret so Shweta didn’t see her. Shweta gets shocked when she hears that Dhara hides Prena so Shweta cant gets reached for her.

Pandya Store written update

Dhara asks if she snatched her life from her because she didn’t let her stay in her room. Dhara further says to the Pandyas that they all did this so that no child calls her mom. She accepts that Krish Dev and Shiva are not her children. Shiva and Krish say to Dhara that they are her children. Dhara denies. She says that Krish would have run from the house if he was her child.

After this incident, Dhara blames everyone, especially Gautam. She says that she hates him. Krish shouts at Prena for talking about Chiku with Shweta. Prena tries to explain the Krish that he misunderstands her but Krish says to Shweta to pack her bag and leave. He says he is leaving. on the other side, Chiku gets disheartened and says that he is an orphan. All child is saying they are orphans. stay with us.


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