Home Entertainment Pandya Store Written Update 17 May 2023: Dhara’s birthday

Pandya Store Written Update 17 May 2023: Dhara’s birthday


The episode starts with Krish getting jealous seeing Shivank with Prerna and interrupting their conversation. He tells Shivank to leave and accuses him of trying to take advantage of Prerna’s vulnerability. Shivank tries to explain that he only cares for Prerna and wants to help her, but Krish isn’t willing to listen. Prerna feels uncomfortable with the tension between Krish and Shivank. Later, Prerna and Krish have a conversation in which Krish apologizes for his behavior. He assures her that he loves her and will do anything to make their relationship work. Prerna is touched by his words and they have a romantic moment. However, their happiness is short-lived when Shweta enters the room and starts arguing with Krish.

Pandya Store Written Update episode

Pandya Store Written Update 17 May 2023

Shweta and Krish have a heated argument and Prerna tries to calm them down. She suggests that they all sit and talk things out calmly. Krish agrees and they have a family discussion. They resolve their issues and decide to move forward as a united family. Meanwhile, Raavi overhears their conversation and is happy to see them reconcile. She tells Somnath about it and he is overjoyed. He thanks Raavi for her efforts and asks her to continue to support them. Raavi promises to do so and feels content knowing that she helped bring the family together.

Pandya Store Written Update episode

The next day, Prerna tries to talk to Krish about Shivank, but he snaps at her saying that he doesn’t want to hear his name and doesn’t like seeing him around her. Prerna is hurt by Krish’s behavior but she tries to understand his insecurities. Meanwhile, Shiva is still upset about Dhara’s revelation that his marriage cannot happen. Gautam tries to make him understand that they are not against him, but they only want what is best for him. Shiva decides to take matters into his own hands and starts searching for a girl to marry.

On the other hand, Shivank is preparing to leave for Canada but he is hesitant to leave Prerna behind. He tries to convince her to come with him, but Prerna says that she cannot leave her family and her business behind. Shivank is disappointed but he understands that Prerna’s priorities lie elsewhere. Dhara, on the other hand, is still feeling down about her birthday and tells Gautam that she wants to do something special. Gautam plans a surprise party for her and invites their friends and family. Dhara is touched by the gesture and finally begins to enjoy her birthday.

The episode ends with Prerna and Krish reconciling and Shivank leaving for Canada, hoping that Prerna will be okay without him. So, stay tuned to the Social telecast and follow for more updates.


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