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Pandya Store Written Update 19 April 2023: Today’s Serial Episode


Today we are sharing with you the latest written update on today’s episode of Pandya’s Store on 19th April 2023. The episodes start when Prena reached the Hotel. Prena sees that  Krish is running ad falls down. Shweta sees Krish and Krish said to  Prena to send the video to all the family members. Shweta said that no video will be sent to the family members and snatched the phone from Prenas’s hands who recorded the video of Krish. Prerna says to Shweta that she is already sent the video to members.

All the members get the video and showing to each other the video then all members are worried for Krish. Everyone in the family worries for Krish. Shiva tries to call Krish but his phone cannot connect and Gautam says we will go to the Hospital and see. Prena takes home to Krish. Dhara says when they don’t need me, then why shall I help them. Krish and Prena are crying meanwhile on the other hand in Shweta’s home Shivank gets injured.

Pandya Store Written Update

Shivank says she was going to commit suicide, it’s good I reached there on time. Suman says you should have let her die. Shivank recalls Shweta coming to meet him. She pours the buckets of water on herself. He asks her to stop. She hits a brick on her head. He asks why are you doing this. She says for Krish, I m fainting, take me to Pandya’s house.

Pandya Store Written Update 19 April 2023

Rishita says to Shweta to leave and wherever she wants to die but not here. Then some police officers come and arrested Shweta for using violence against Krish. Shweta says that she is the one who went to commit suicide not him he falls down himself. Prerna tells her to shut up her mouth and said we have proof against you.

The man asks Shweta to come to the court. Shweta says that she can’t go out in this state. She sees Dhara and smiles because Dhara let her stay then Gautam asks Dhara why she letting her stay even after all of this. Dhara and Suman both said that Krish and Shweta did not get divorced till now. Suman says that she will kick out Shweta when Krish and Shweta get divorced. Krish apologized to Prena that he did not anything about what happened to him maybe the juice was spiked because he did not drink any alcohol. Prena slaps him and says that she can’t stay there.


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