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Pandya Store Written Update 20th May 2023


The episode starts with an interesting conversation between Shweta and Dhara about Chiku’s birth. Shweta claims that he is the prince of roads while Dhara contends that he is the prince of Pandya’s house. Meanwhile, Krish and Prerna anxiously await Dhara’s arrival. Dhara comes up with a plan to unite them by suggesting they should conduct another pregnancy test on Prerna secretly as she suspects that she is not pregnant. Shivank overhears their plan and vows to foil Prerna’s business plans, as he already has his doubts.

Pandya Store Written Update episode

Arushi meets Raavi, who tells her about Shiva’s sacrifices and his love for his family. Arushi realizes her mistake and decides to apologize to her mum. She thanks Raavi for opening her eyes and promises to never judge anyone without knowing their story. Meanwhile, Shivank continues to manipulate Prerna and Dhara, making them believe that he is a caring and protective husband. However, Dhara’s intuition tells her that something isn’t right. She decides to investigate further and find out what’s really going on. As the days pass, Arushi and her mum reconcile and build a stronger bond.

Shivank came to Prerna and asked her to come with him to talk about something important. Prerna initially declined, but Shivank insisted and took her with him. Meanwhile, Krish wondered where Prerna went, and Gautam suggested calling the doctor for Dhara’s persistent fever. Raavi suggested giving herbal tea and rest instead, to which Gautam agreed.

Shivank took Prerna to a deserted place and tried to convince her to be with him, saying that he still loves her. Prerna refused him, stating that she is happily married to Krish and doesn’t want anything else. Shivank became angry and tried to force her, but Krish arrived at the scene and confronted him. Shivank tried to attack Krish, but Krish warned him to stay away from his wife.

Raavi is stunned. She asks Arushi if she has lost her mind and reminds her that she is already engaged to someone else. Arushi says she knows but she realized that her feelings for Shiva are stronger and she cannot imagine her life without him. Raavi asks her if she has thought about the consequences of this decision and how it will affect everyone around them. Arushi says she has and she is willing to face them. Raavi tells her that she will support her but she needs to think carefully before making any hasty decisions. Arushi thanks her for understanding and hugs her. They both leave with a heavy heart, knowing that their decision will have a lasting impact on their families. And the episode ends here.


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