Home Entertainment Pandya Store Written Update 22nd April 2023: Shivang Steals Passports

Pandya Store Written Update 22nd April 2023: Shivang Steals Passports


Here we are again to give you the latest written update of your favorite show which is telecast on Star Plus and running at the top. yes, we are talking about the show Pandaya Store. so let’s get started and follow social telecast with more updates and stay tuned with us. The latest written update of the Pandaya store today’s episode is on 22nd April 2023.

The episode starts with the scene when Suman gives advice to Gautaum. Every family member is shocked when Shiva asks Krish where he is going and Krish replies that he is going to Canada.

Dhara sees all things happening in the Hall and prepares the tea for everyone in the kitchen. Shivang video calls Shweta and informs her of all things which happen in Panday’s house. Shweta smiles when Krish shouts at everyone that his happiness is got ruined by them again and that’s why he is leaving for Canada. Krish says that Prena is not forgiving him and he decided to leave. Suman asks Krish to not leave.

Pandya Store Written Update Of Today’s Episode

Pandya Store written episode update

On the other hand, Prena also packs her bag to leave and her mom asks her why she is returning and if Krish also comes with her. Prerna says to her mother that she will explain all things later when she reached her house. Shweta’s parents plan to go to India to talk with Prena. Suman cries when she sees that her sons fight with each other. Shiva asks Krish how they ruin his life and Gautam says to Shiva to leave Krish’s collar which Shiva grabbed in anger.

Krish says that here the problem is not solved by talking but by hitting and asking Gautam to beat him. Gautam asks Krish not to leave. Then Krish says he did not do a mistake consciously and also admits his mistake then why they all did not stop Prena to leave and try to make Prena understand this?

Shiva Goes To Dhara

Shiva goes to Dhara and says to her that you have to stop Krish from leaving and recalls her that he is like her son but Dhara says that she knows and also knows that who cut off the ties with her is also Krish. Krish searching the passport which he cannot find in the bag and angrily say who has hidden his passport. Suman cries and laments that he accusing theft on Suman.


Krish says that he cannot trust anyone now and they already did plotting with Dhara. Gautam says that Dhara does not care about them now. Shweta gets disappointed when Shivang cuts the call.

Krish gets Happy when he sees that Prena comes to the Pandaya’s House. Prena asks Krish where is her passport. Prena accusing to Krish that he has hidden her passport and Krish tells Prena that he did not have her passport and even his passport also missing. Prerna says that she knows how this family plots and refuse to believe in Krish. Meanwhile, Shiva gives Prena and Krish’s passports which he stole from Shweta and she is getting happy. ¬†Shweta and Shivang plan to frame Prerna and the Pandyas in a counterfeiting currency case, then pretend to save them. Stay tuned for the latest Pandya store written update.


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