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Pandya Store Written Update 23rd May 2023


In today’s episode of Pandya Store on May 23rd, 2023, Dhara’s mother is surprised to see Dhara standing outside their front door as she peers through the glass. In a panic, she quickly closes the curtains and urges Arushi not to open the door. Despite her mother’s fear, Arushi eagerly opens the door and Dhara sternly warns her to stay away from Shiva. Dhara explains that they have been lying to Shiva about his condition, so it is best if Arushi leaves Raavi and Shiva alone. Arushi queries Dhara regarding the flaws in her proposal to Raavi, to which Dhara responds that she won’t allow anyone to manipulate Raavi’s emotions.

Pandya Store written update

Pandya Store Written Update

After that, Dhara’s mother enters the living room wearing a long veil and offers her mango juice, Dhara turns to leave after making her stance clear. However, her mother gently informs Dhara that whoever presents the season’s first mango juice to their closest associates, their relationship remains harmonious throughout life. She even invites Dhara to regard her as a mother while Arushi introduces her own mother to Dhara.

Upon listening to her mother’s words, Dhara takes a few sips of the mango juice. As Dhara’s mother offers her a blessing, Dhara seizes her hand and asserts that mentioning her mother’s name causes everything in her life to crumble. Arushi feels upset upon observing her mother prepare mango juice for Dhara, as she distinctly recalls her mother’s reaction when she brought some mangoes.

Krish enters Prerna’s room in Pandya House and, after locking the door, cautions her about Shivank. He informs her that Suman suspects that she is getting involved with Shivank, but Prerna refutes Krish’s doubts. When Krish tries to persuade her to listen using his eyes, Prerna withdraws her hands from his grip. Krish departs in irritation, muttering that he was simply trying to alert Prerna about Shivank’s malicious intentions. In the meantime, Shivank pledges to Shweta that he won’t outsmart her again, even though she chides him for rescuing Dhara, Krish, and Prerna from prison.

Dhara and Krish disguise themselves as doctors to obtain Shweta’s blood sample when they arrive at the hospital. In a separate scene, at Arushi’s home, she insists her mother drink mango juice despite her mother’s allergy, leading to a confession from her mother about never having consumed mangoes due to guilt over ruining Dhara’s childhood. Arushi becomes enraged, feeling overshadowed by her mother’s actions, while her mother tries to justify herself by saying she tried to equally love both of her daughters. Arushi contacts Shiva and arranges a meeting to have her mother face Dhara. And the episode ends here.


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