Home Entertainment Pandya Store Written Update 29th July 2021: Family Plans To Surprise Dhara

Pandya Store Written Update 29th July 2021: Family Plans To Surprise Dhara


The latest written episode of Pandya Store begins with Suman fondly watching her children building room for Dhara and Gautam. She thinks that once the room gets built, she will get to play with a baby as well. Several days pass while the construction goes on. The family takes care of one another and ‘Yaadon Ki Barat’ plays in the background. On another side, Anita fumes in anger. She throws things here and there and cries continuously. Prafulla comes there and gets worried about her. Anita tells her that Dhara’s room is getting built and she cannot do anything.

Pandya Store Written Update 29th July 2021: Family Plans To Surprise Dhara

Prafulla gets angry and scolds Anita for being obsessed with Dhara’s life. In the next scene, Raavi brings Samosas for everyone and asks Shiva to stop painting the wall and have those instead. She tells him that she will paint it. Shiva asks her not to ruin the entire wall. Raavi says that she likes colours and knows how to play with them. Meanwhile, she slips and falls into Shiva’s arms. Shiva and Raavi look at each other fondly. Both of their faces get covered in colour. Krish comes there and says in his absence, the couple even played Holi.

Later, the room gets finally built. Krish says that Dhara and Guatam can sleep in the room peacefully and feels happy for them. He says that he will ask the couple to shift in the room and he will sleep in the hall from now on. Here, Dev and Shiva have a conversation. Shiva asks Dev about the further plan. The latter answers that they won’t give the room to them so easily. Krish questions Dev if he is going to take rent from them. Raavi tells him that they will not ask them to give money but will surprise them. Rishita suggests that Raavi would take Dhara outside the next morning.

Shiva says that he can sense that this plan won’t work. He asks Rishita if they sent Dhara out, who will prepare breakfast while Suman will get angry as well. Later, Ravi gifts Shiva a black colours shirt. Shiva asks Ravi if she bought this present out of pity. The following day, Raavi convinces Dhara to go outside for a moment. Suman calls Dhara and asks her to bring tea. Rishita tells Suman that she will do the chores today. Suman asks to bring Masala tea. Though, Rishita adds both ginger and garlic to the tea. Before sipping the tea, Suman smells it and makes a weird face while Rishita smiles.


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