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Pandya Store Written Update 30 May 2023: Today’s Episode


The episode starts with Gautam wanting to see Dhara. They hear a band and wonder who has arrived. Krish appears, dancing. Shivank ties up Shweta and Dhara arrives to beat him. He shoves her, causing her to demand he release Shweta. Shivank tells Shweta to sit on the bike or he’ll drag her with him. Dhara chases him while the kids enjoy and dance with Krish. Shiva returns home and sees the dance party. He wonders if his family has agreed to his marriage. Suman goes out to investigate and sees Krish. Meanwhile, Arushi shouts for her mother to open the door. Prerna embraces Krish, who asks her to dance since it’s a happy day. She tells him to listen to her, and he invites Shiva. They all dance together.

Pandya Store Written Update episode

Pandya Store Written Update 30 May 2023

Shiva announces his upcoming marriage, prompting Suman to inquire about his happiness. Dhara starts chasing Shivank and pelting him with fruit. Shweta pleads for help, and Dhara urges everyone to capture Shivank. Both Dev and Shiva join in the pursuit, but the situation takes a dramatic turn when Shivank and Shweta fall off their bike. Meanwhile, Chiku cries out for his mother, and Raavi confronts Shivank about his behavior towards Shweta. Krish then reveals that Shweta is not actually pregnant, leading to Prerna’s tearful admission that Shivank mistreated her.

Pandya Store written episode update

He threatens to kill Shivank and everyone rushes to save Shweta. Suman and Raavi express regret for their mistake in supporting Shivank and vow to teach him a lesson. Gautam, Krish, Shiva, and Dev attempt to detain Shivank as he tries to flee. Shweta falls and everyone recalls her past crimes. Dhara intervenes to rescue her and they both need saving from the chaos. Meanwhile, Arushi desires to visit Dhara’s home but her mother disapproves. Gautam and Shiva chase after Shivank on a bike while the others hope for his punishment.

Dev and Krish take Shweta to the hospital, while Dhara decides to pursue Shivank, and Rishita contacts the police for assistance. Shiva confronts Shivank, urging him to show courage and face his actions. Meanwhile, Arushi conceals herself from her mother and Suman encounters Dhara’s mother on the way to the hospital. The doctor evaluates Shweta’s condition and transfers her to the ICU. Shweta gets treated. Shiva makes Shivank fall off the bike. Pandyas come there and catch Shivank. And the episode ends here. Here we have shared the complete information with you about Pandya Store Serial.


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