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Pandya Store Written Update 4th May 2023: Today’s Episode


Hello, readers and viewers here we come again to entertain you by giving the latest written update on your all favorite shows and today we will talk about today’s episode of Pandya Store on 4 May 2023. The Episode starts with the scene where Shweta seems anxious and tensed after seeing the situation which is running from her hand and didn’t check and forget her UGC report. Shweta notices that Krish Reached the Mandap and Prena gets relieved and hugs him.

Pandya Store written update

Pandit says time is running so do it fast. Then Dhara is abducted by the Anurag Parents and they ask her where she hides their son. Dhara says she does not know anything about this and even she also doesn’t know who are they and why they are doing this to her.

Pandya Store Written Update: Next Scene

They bind Dhara in the basement where they took her. Dhara tries to escape but because of the binding with the chair, she could not do it. After so many struggles Dhara got her mobile and called family members.

Dhara calls Rishita First but Rishita doesn’t pick up her phone because she is busy with her other work. Then Dhara called Raavi but she also can’t receive the call of Dhara. Dhara calls once again to Rishita and Rishita also received Dhara’s call but couldn’t talk because of poor connection. The mother of Anurag walks in the middle and breaks Dhara’s phone. Suman stops Rimjhim and Kajal to follow the bride when they tell them that she is unwell and feels vomiting. Rishita becomes tensed and she tells everything to Raavi but both are confused and think that this is the planning of Shweta to keep her eyes on them.

Pandya Store Written Update episode

At the Mandap, Bride arrived again and Krish asks to her if she is okay she nodded her head in the way of yes. Pandit also says that do it fast time is running and after this no propitious left. Prena thinks that she gets married to Krish and also Krish thinks the same and asks to walk hurriedly. Both couples who get married don’t know who is behind the veil. Prena also wants to announce that she is pregnant already to her husband.

The scene comes of Dhara who finally escapes from there where they kidnapped her and reached the temple by auto. At the end of the episode, Prena opens her veil and revealed her pregnancy news and the groom also opens his veil after hearing this news of pregnancy and said that he is Shivaang. Prena and Shivaang look at each other and get stunned also can’t understand what will they do next. Dhara also told about all things and unwanted marriages.


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